Dice Media launches ‘Censor Virus: The New Plague’

Censor Virus –The New Plague’ is Dice media by Pocket Aces’ latest video sketch in association with the BakkBenchers. The video is a satire on how freedom of speech in India usually comes censored. It wittily chronicles what life would be if everyday conversations went censored just like in the ‘reel life’Continue reading “Dice Media launches ‘Censor Virus: The New Plague’”

Dishoom: The Battle of the Beefcakes

This year a popular brand is introducing some new categories in their film awards and I thought I might help them with the finalists.

Best lead Actor in a static role: John Abraham for Dishoom- He manages to keep the same expression throughout the movie, a feat which not even accomplished actors like Naseer have been able to do. For this, he has even managed to get a lifetime award nomination competing strongly with Sunil Shetty. Moreover, his abs have started acting better though a similar feat was attempted by his bare bottom earlier. The director had to give him a cigarette throughout the movie to ensure that he didn’t give any unwanted expressions either.Continue reading “Dishoom: The Battle of the Beefcakes”

Dishoom Movie Review: Typical ‘Entertainer’ that Respects Your Time for a Change

Rohit Dhawan is an interesting name for a Hindi film director. The man obviously gets his surname from his iconic father, David, but it is his first name which lends an aura of interest to this entire name business. Rohit Dhawan seems to be inspired by ‘100 crore’ man Rohit Shetty and his stylized action sequences, and when you mix it with the inherent David Dhawan brand of humor and a bit of more inspiration from Hollywood buddy movies, you have the brand new Dhawan on the block.Continue reading “Dishoom Movie Review: Typical ‘Entertainer’ that Respects Your Time for a Change”

Dishoom Movie Review: Sucker Punch

In the midst of all the offbeat plots covered by Bollywood in 2016, like Kapoor and Sons, Ki and Ka, Neerja, Udta Punjab etc, there are times when one ends up craving for some old school masala, although lately, it’s only the Khans who’ve managed to keep the genre alive, especially with Salman Khan’s Sultan ending up as a monster hit. So when the trailers of Dishoom showed up, they promised old school masala with a mix of maar dhaad action and some David Dhawan styled humor, but does Dishoom deliver on this promise?Continue reading “Dishoom Movie Review: Sucker Punch”

Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar

Director: Amole Gupte

Cast: Partho Gupte, Saqeeb Saleem

Spoilers Ahead

Hawaa_Hawaai_PosterIn one of the earlier scenes in the film, Gochi – one of the street smart buddies of Arjun (Partho Gupte) looks excitedly at a girl wearing a pair of roller skates. Gochi and the other friends of Arjun who belong to lower strata of society,do not attend school and survive by doing odd jobs like working in a garage, doing embroidery, collecting trash etc. They are keen to help Arjun buy a pair of roller skates and help him learn skating which he desires to learn since long. Excitedly Gochi walks up to the girl (who presumably appears to belong to the higher strata of society) and asks her the price of the roller skates and she replies ‘It’s worth 30K ‘. The poor kid Gochi, who thanks to his lack of education hilariously assumes the price of the skates to be just worth 30rs and feels that purchasing a pair of skates for his friend isn’t a herculean task after all. The above mentioned scene may seem a bit far fetched and has a rather humorous tone. However in this one scene itself, director Amole Gupte makes us realize the economic disparity prevalent in our society.Continue reading “Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar”

Hawaa Hawaai: Trailer

Hawaa Hawaai-Saqib and ParthoAfter making an impact with Stanley Ka Dabba, Amole Gupte returns to direction with Hawaa Hawaai. Featuring his son Partho Gupte and Saqib Saleem in the lead, the film is written by Amole Gupte while the producers are Amole himself, Deepa Bhatia and Fox Star Studios. The film is based upon skating, a sport that’s hardly been represented prominently in Indian Cinema. Music is by Hitesh Sonik while Amol Gole and Vikas Sivaraman are the cinematographers and Deepa Bhatia is the editor. Hawaa Hawaai releases on 9th May.Continue reading “Hawaa Hawaai: Trailer”

Bombay Talkies: Tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema

An ode is a rather tough thing. You have to be very much in love to be able to pay an ode to something. Here we have 4 film makers paying an ode to cinema and their love for cinema is very much visible and palpable. You’d expect an ode to bring out what has been prevalent in the industry but no, here the filmmakers make the movies the way a few movies have come out the last year, a superior kind of movies, movies that have been a breath of fresh air in the industry.Continue reading “Bombay Talkies: Tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema”

Bombay Talkies Movie Review: An Ode to the Experience of Cinema

Bombay TalkiesAs I sat in the dark dingy single screen in nondescript Katpadi village a forty two second teaser of my favorite superstar’s comeback film unspooled on the silver screen. Just a glimpse, a fleeting glimpse of the star on the big screen five years since the last outing drove me to tears of joy. That is the power that cinema holds in this film crazy nation of ours. It is this power and hold on the collective conscience of the masses that Bombay Talkies celebrates.Continue reading “Bombay Talkies Movie Review: An Ode to the Experience of Cinema”

Bombay Talkies: Trailer

Bombay Talkies is an interesting project, an Indian anthology film made up of four short films, directed by Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee and Zoya Akhtar. The film will release on May 3, 2013, to mark 100 years of Indian Cinema. Continue reading “Bombay Talkies: Trailer”