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As the name of our website suggests we are a group of people coming from different backgrounds but with one thing in common- we are all mad about cinema. We try to really live up to our domain name (madaboutmoviez) by doing what we are good at- discussing about cinema of course. So be it Tarantino, Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, Manmohan Desai , Mani Ratnam or anyone else you can feel free to write &discuss here about cinema. Of course amidst all this we do admit that our radar of focus will fall majorly upon the smaller/indie films along with regional & World Cinema. In short we will cover everything under cinema but try to lend a helping hand to smaller/indie films in our own way.

This website is currently run & managed by a few people who all are active volunteers on this forum.

MAM or Mad About Moviez was started by 4 individuals who might differ on various views and aspects but have one thing certainly in common-their passion for cinema or madness for movies. This group includes-

Sethumadhavan.N-A born cinephile who believes nothing gives him a better high than movies,Sethu watches all kinds of films and is extremely passionate towards regional cinema. After quitting a regular corporate career, Sethu dabbled with film journalism, marketing and distribution of films and is now a producer of his own right. Currently he is attached to a well known production house, based in Mumbai. At MAM he has been the front end, as he oversees the editorial and operations aspect of MAM.

Ashwin Varma-The ‘forever angry man’, Ashwin is a difficult man to please and has some seriously interesting opinions on all kinds of films. A social media/online marketing guy and a brand strategist chap otherwise, he is a die-hard fan of Satyajit Ray, Rajinikanth and Pawan Kalyan in no specific order. Ashwin is the driving force of MAM, handling the backend completely and manages PR and studio coordination.

Ajay Nair-A career sales professional and a sworn Mumbaikar, Ajay is a die-hard Rahmaniac, who is always enthusiastic to watch any kind of film and then dissect it later.

Aditya Savnal-Having found his niche in digital media, online marketing, Aditya works for a popular entertainment outfit which is into content creation, aggregation and distribution. Aditya is a big supporter of Kannada and Marathi Cinema and trashy Bollywood films. He is a man with varied interests ranging from Metallica to Kanti Shah films and is always curious to know about films outside his domain.


  1. Hey Sethu and team of MAM, I am so glad to see MAM up and running, and would very much like to be a part of this movement.

    Please tell me how do I proceed further, and what are the formalities (if any), that need to be fulfilled.

    Waiting in anticipation,
    Satyendra Jha


  2. Hi Satyendra- gr8 to see you here, I’ll mail you the details by tonite & it would be great to see your active presence here πŸ™‚


    1. Hi all. I am wondering if you have done any reviews on Kamal Hassan classic ANBE SIVAM Tamil movie. It is one of the best movies of Kamal.


      1. Hi. Currently there is no post on Anbe SIvam. But yes going ahead we would definitely love to do a post on the same.
        One suggestion – in the meanwhile why don’t you try writing your thoughts about the movie in a post and we can put it up on MAM. Do give it a thought. Would love to see your reply on the same.Thanks for your feedback and keep visiting MAM. πŸ™‚


  3. @sethu – if in any ways this anil can be part of building and running the sethu project called Mad about movies I would be glad. I am no cinema expert like most of you are, but I am glad to bring in a mango man perspective if that is needed for anything


    1. @ Badri- We need Mango men like you who definitely would share perspective from a totally unbiased and outside the circle kind of environment-.will share more details with you soon!!!


  4. Hey all you guys and gals out there. First and foremost please accept my heartfelt appreciation for putting up this site / blog where we all can talk about movies. This (Our unbiased passion for movies) I guess is the single thread that unites us all and brings us together. Three cheers for all of us, and may this site become a platform for bringing up lively debates and discussions, and take us down the memory lanes to bring out our love for movies :)……………..


    1. I’ve already sent you an invite Indu ( on your Yahoo i.d )- pls check & tell me if you’ve received it.You then need to just follow the instructions in the mail.Everything else is almost the same as PFC


  5. Hey Sethu:

    Aneesh here from PFC days. Howz it going? Good to see all the usual suspects converging here. Please lemme know the details as to how to become a member and contribute…

    Thanks,,–Aneesh (An Jo)


    1. Hey!Aneesh good to see you here.I’ve just mailed you the invite- do check your mail & do the needful.Would be great to see your posts here.


  6. I am huge fan of Christopher Nolan movies and Johny Depp movies.. As a personal request, like the blogathon of Mani Ratnam..Can anyone do a blogathon of Christopher Nolan movies in director cut and Johnny Depp movies in may be special column for actor or something like that.

    That would be really great!!


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