Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood

A good part of the 90s was a golden time for David Dhawan and Govinda most of which were remakes of Tamil and Telugu films. For example Coolie No 1 is a remake of the Tamizh film Chinna Mapillai. 

David Dhawan is now on a quest to position his son as the next Superstar of Bollywood remaking his own remakes, but then this time it flatters to deceive. Coolie No 1 (1995) itself is a problematic film if you look at it. There is a person who catfishes a female to marry her and the film does not show any remorse on his part and justifies it by saying that as her father wanted her to have a secure life, the daughter deserves to be cheated. Continue reading “Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood”

Dishoom: The Battle of the Beefcakes

This year a popular brand is introducing some new categories in their film awards and I thought I might help them with the finalists.

Best lead Actor in a static role: John Abraham for Dishoom- He manages to keep the same expression throughout the movie, a feat which not even accomplished actors like Naseer have been able to do. For this, he has even managed to get a lifetime award nomination competing strongly with Sunil Shetty. Moreover, his abs have started acting better though a similar feat was attempted by his bare bottom earlier. The director had to give him a cigarette throughout the movie to ensure that he didn’t give any unwanted expressions either.Continue reading “Dishoom: The Battle of the Beefcakes”

Dishoom Movie Review: Typical ‘Entertainer’ that Respects Your Time for a Change

Rohit Dhawan is an interesting name for a Hindi film director. The man obviously gets his surname from his iconic father, David, but it is his first name which lends an aura of interest to this entire name business. Rohit Dhawan seems to be inspired by ‘100 crore’ man Rohit Shetty and his stylized action sequences, and when you mix it with the inherent David Dhawan brand of humor and a bit of more inspiration from Hollywood buddy movies, you have the brand new Dhawan on the block.Continue reading “Dishoom Movie Review: Typical ‘Entertainer’ that Respects Your Time for a Change”


860384634-Govinda1_6Swarg was the first ever movie with which I took notice of Govinda’s acting skills, though the film was nothing more than a typical family drama. But over the years, this talented actor became an indispensable part of the movies for me as I grew.Continue reading “Go..Go..Go…Govinda”

Main Tera Hero Movie Review : Entertaining, But Stupid

Main Tera Hero PosterDavid Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero is out and believe it or not, people will flock to the theaters to watch it. It is the perfect weekend getaway for a superficial Indian audience that pretty much cares only about good songs, good looking men and women, some action and a lot of romance. Yes, Main Tera Hero is the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani of this year. Masala without substance. And incidentally enough, it has Evelyn Sharma as well, yes the doe-eyed eye candy who became popular with YJHD. Continue reading “Main Tera Hero Movie Review : Entertaining, But Stupid”

Chashme Buddoor : A Mint Fresh Legacy

Earlier this week, I had the privilege to revisit an old classic film, one that could be easily shortlisted as one of the best comic capers to hit the silver screens in India. Yes, the original Chashme Buddoor will be releasing again this weekend alongside its modern-day remake, David Dhawan’s Chashme Baddoor. The digitally restored version of director Sai Paranjpye’s 1981 film Chashme Buddoor is all set to be released on April 5, 2013 and they had a premiere for it for which I was more than delighted to go. The film stars Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval, Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani in the lead roles. The film is brought back by PVR Director’s Rare, an initiative to provide an alternate platform to innovative films, who have worked to digitally restore and re-master the original.Continue reading “Chashme Buddoor : A Mint Fresh Legacy”

Chashme Baddoor: Trailer

Chashme Baddoor - Movie TrailerWell remakes of Southern hits and older Hindi films continue to get made and David Dhawan‘s Chashme Baddoor is another example of the same. A remake of Sai Paranjpye’s 1981 comedy film,Chashme Buddoor (a slight change in the spelling) and with the tagline ‘har ek friend kameena hota hai’ this one is supposed to be a more youthful and contemporary version of the original.Continue reading “Chashme Baddoor: Trailer”

Rascals Movie Review – Maa Ki Aankh

Once upon a time before I discovered Ray and Kurosawa, David Dhawan was my favourite director.His Aankhen, Judwaa, Shola aur Shabnam till date remain my favorite guilty pleasure movies. But in the last few years he has lost his touch.The only thing improving is production value of his movies, now his actors wear costumes which are modern and suave but we have lost the storyteller in him.Continue reading “Rascals Movie Review – Maa Ki Aankh”