Parched Movie Review: The Girls Can Have all the Fun !

Just last week we had a movie about what 3 women go through after a fateful night. The women stayed in the capital city & were independent, educated and stood up to men. A week later, we have Leena Yadav’s Parched. A film that is set in rural Rajasthan, and is about 3 women who are uneducated, stubbed by men & society and are liberated only by their imagination.Continue reading “Parched Movie Review: The Girls Can Have all the Fun !”

Fitoor Movie Review: Of Katrina’s Red Hair and Dickensian Red Herring

FitoorFitoor roughly translates to ‘obsession’ in English. And, it’s a pity that a film called Fitoor suffers from bouts of directorial indifference throughout its runtime. Director Abhishek Kapoor, who had very good last two outings in form of Kai Po Che and Rock On!!, puts up pretty looking caricatures and canvasses in Fitoor but forgets to infuse soul into them. So, amidst the snow-laden, paradise-like Kashmir and Katrina Kaif’s gorgeousness and red hair, there’s something which is clearly amiss. Throughout. Right from the opening credits till the lights are turned back on in the theater.Continue reading “Fitoor Movie Review: Of Katrina’s Red Hair and Dickensian Red Herring”

Fitoor Movie Review: No Love Here, Just Impossible Inanity

Ask me no questions and you will be told no lies. If you still want to know how this adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations is, well, you asked for it.

Fitoor spares nothing, and no one, as it annihilates anything and everything that was beautiful and sacred in the source novel and the milieu this adaptation is set in. For the most part, this massacre is orchestrated by a disastrously miscast Katrina Kaif while some part of the blame should deservedly reach the doors of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Tabu (yes, the lady can misfire too).Continue reading “Fitoor Movie Review: No Love Here, Just Impossible Inanity”

“I don’t mind being called a Jhoothi”- Sonnalli Seygall

Sonnalli Seygall is walking on air with the success of ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. The actress has been receiving rave reviews for her performance in the film.  Sonnalli’s online platforms are buzzing with the dialogue ‘Chal Jhoothi’ by fans who can’t get over the laugh riot.Continue reading ““I don’t mind being called a Jhoothi”- Sonnalli Seygall”

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Review: Old Template That Still Works Fine

Pyaar-ka-punchnama-2-movieThe biggest irony of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 and its 2011 hit prequel is that it is directed by a man called ‘Luv’ Ranjan. Irony because this man called Luv hits love and its affiliated emotions exactly where it hurts and unabashedly blames the fairer sex for most of the modern day relationship issues. While you may disagree with the notions propagated by him, or even worse, you may call him blatantly misogynistic, utterly frustrated and dismiss him completely if you suffer from bouts of feminism, but you cannot take away the director’s legitimate right to make his point. A point that he so strongly believes in and goes about emphasizing it in a very eloquent, humorous and mostly harmless manner that in most cases, it should not (and does not) offend anyone (from either sexes).Continue reading “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Review: Old Template That Still Works Fine”

Guddu Rangeela Review: High on Promise, Low on Delivery

Guddu Rangeela is a prominent singer in Bhojpuri music industry, famous or rather infamous for his songs that are laced with sexual innuendos and crass lyrics. Subhash Kapoor’s film Guddu Rangeela, on the contrary, opens with an absolutely riveting ‘modern devotional song’- Mata Ka Email. While many may not be familiar with the Bhojpuri singer Guddu Rangeela, but the irony of the film, with that same notorious name, starting with a hilarious devotional song will not be lost on someone from Bihar. Sadly, despite a funny start and a reasonably exciting mid-point, Subhash Kapoor’s film squanders its potential in a dreary, lost second half.Continue reading “Guddu Rangeela Review: High on Promise, Low on Delivery”

Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar

Director: Amole Gupte

Cast: Partho Gupte, Saqeeb Saleem

Spoilers Ahead

Hawaa_Hawaai_PosterIn one of the earlier scenes in the film, Gochi – one of the street smart buddies of Arjun (Partho Gupte) looks excitedly at a girl wearing a pair of roller skates. Gochi and the other friends of Arjun who belong to lower strata of society,do not attend school and survive by doing odd jobs like working in a garage, doing embroidery, collecting trash etc. They are keen to help Arjun buy a pair of roller skates and help him learn skating which he desires to learn since long. Excitedly Gochi walks up to the girl (who presumably appears to belong to the higher strata of society) and asks her the price of the roller skates and she replies ‘It’s worth 30K ‘. The poor kid Gochi, who thanks to his lack of education hilariously assumes the price of the skates to be just worth 30rs and feels that purchasing a pair of skates for his friend isn’t a herculean task after all. The above mentioned scene may seem a bit far fetched and has a rather humorous tone. However in this one scene itself, director Amole Gupte makes us realize the economic disparity prevalent in our society.Continue reading “Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar”

Hawaa Hawaai: Trailer

Hawaa Hawaai-Saqib and ParthoAfter making an impact with Stanley Ka Dabba, Amole Gupte returns to direction with Hawaa Hawaai. Featuring his son Partho Gupte and Saqib Saleem in the lead, the film is written by Amole Gupte while the producers are Amole himself, Deepa Bhatia and Fox Star Studios. The film is based upon skating, a sport that’s hardly been represented prominently in Indian Cinema. Music is by Hitesh Sonik while Amol Gole and Vikas Sivaraman are the cinematographers and Deepa Bhatia is the editor. Hawaa Hawaai releases on 9th May.Continue reading “Hawaa Hawaai: Trailer”


From the team behind the hilariously wonderful ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ comes the next project, AkaashVani. Written and directed once again by Luv Ranjan and produced by Kumar Mangat Pathak and Abhishek Pathak, AkaashVani seems to be the very opposite of Pyar Ka Punchnama. Continue reading “AkaashVani-Trailer”