Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande face off in Court

Veteran performers Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande will be seen sharing screen space and engaged in major face off in an upcoming social drama Chicken Curry Law.  The film throws light on severe social problems around women’s safety and depicts the foreigner’s tryst with the law in India. Makrand and Ashutosh are all set to enthral the audience with their acting chops as two lethal lawyers pitted against each other.  Both the actors will be seen playing advocates and one will get to witness some tantilizing court room drama. Continue reading “Ashutosh Rana and Makarand Deshpande face off in Court”

Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar

Director: Amole Gupte

Cast: Partho Gupte, Saqeeb Saleem

Spoilers Ahead

Hawaa_Hawaai_PosterIn one of the earlier scenes in the film, Gochi – one of the street smart buddies of Arjun (Partho Gupte) looks excitedly at a girl wearing a pair of roller skates. Gochi and the other friends of Arjun who belong to lower strata of society,do not attend school and survive by doing odd jobs like working in a garage, doing embroidery, collecting trash etc. They are keen to help Arjun buy a pair of roller skates and help him learn skating which he desires to learn since long. Excitedly Gochi walks up to the girl (who presumably appears to belong to the higher strata of society) and asks her the price of the roller skates and she replies ‘It’s worth 30K ‘. The poor kid Gochi, who thanks to his lack of education hilariously assumes the price of the skates to be just worth 30rs and feels that purchasing a pair of skates for his friend isn’t a herculean task after all. The above mentioned scene may seem a bit far fetched and has a rather humorous tone. However in this one scene itself, director Amole Gupte makes us realize the economic disparity prevalent in our society.Continue reading “Hawaa Hawaai Movie Review : It Flies But Does Not Soar”