V (2020) Telugu Movie Review: Bullets Misfired

In films from southern India, especially Tamil and Telugu industry, the film revolves around the lead actor. So whenever a film is announced without a title, the film is generally referred by the name of the lead actor and the forthcoming number of his (as per his filmography). Actors pay an important attention to milestone films likes their 25th or 50th  and so on. Continue reading “V (2020) Telugu Movie Review: Bullets Misfired”

Action Hero Biju: Stereotypes and Prejudice

I have been hearing positive response from those who have seen Action Hero Biju, finally I watched it this weekend. I must say that I quite enjoyed it, but somehow I was left wondering why some aspects of the film were not discussed by the reviewers or people who have seen it.

For starters, there is a scene which involves an auto rickshaw driver who is a paramour of a housewife. The scene starts with Biju (Nivin Pauly) asking about the affair, and the camera zooms in to the lady in question and we see a middle aged fat lady with dark complexion. Biju shows contempt and mocks him for falling in love with her, it is as if Biju does not believe middle age woman should not fall in love with people or do not have any emotions.Continue reading “Action Hero Biju: Stereotypes and Prejudice”

Action Hero Biju Movie Review: A Month in the Life of a Cop

For some reason or the other when it comes to thinking about a career as a Policeman one is quite likely to have varied opinions. For some it might give you the image of a fearless cop who is all out to protect the people and who is more than capable of beating the shit out of any bad guy. Or else you could think of a corrupt cop, who is happy to keep himself/herself happy at the cost of everything else, even law and order and crime. If you happen to be falling into either the first category of people or the second, then needless to say that you are in the majority. After all we are all used to hearing tales of or watching movies which either feature a fearless dashing cop, or have witnessed enough and more tales of cops who are corrupt and/or who harass ordinary people, often without any rhyme or reason.Continue reading “Action Hero Biju Movie Review: A Month in the Life of a Cop”

Nenu Sailaja Movie Review: A Fun Start for Telugu Cinema in the New Year

These days it’s very rare to go in for a Telugu film and come out unscathed, year after year the standard continues to hit a new low. So for all those who are still feeling happy about Baahubali, Srimanthudu and Bale Bale Magadivoy, let me remind you all that it’s time to move on. After all 2015 is already behind us and 2016 has been ushered in. I don’t know about others but these days I generally prefer to watch a Telugu film in theatre only if there’s a clear positive vibe emerging from the promos and other sources, or if the people involved (read actors and/or director) are encouraging enough or if the word of mouth turns out to quite positive (one may still not like a film despite all this, but let’s ignore that for now). Gone are the days when one could randomly take the risk of watching any Telugu film without really knowing anything much about it. Considering all that it was interesting to open my tally of films in the New Year with a Telugu film about which I had frankly not much of an idea.Continue reading “Nenu Sailaja Movie Review: A Fun Start for Telugu Cinema in the New Year”

Politics,Caste & Prejudice in Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Bahubaali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan are two tent pole Indian films which have been doing well. Both the films have received critical as well as commercial acclaim. My attempt here would be to put these 2 films into current political context and see if both films succeed in making a social commentary on the current nature of our Nation.Continue reading “Politics,Caste & Prejudice in Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan”

Baahubali (The Beginning): A Quick Review

Baahubali Poster 2There has been a lot of hype about Baahubali. Claimed to be for Rs.250 Cr (for 2 parts) and taken more than 3 years to make, KJo’s foray in to South Indian film, Rajamouli’s magnum opus after Eega, even the diet of the hunks Prabhas and Rana are in public domain.Continue reading “Baahubali (The Beginning): A Quick Review”

Baahubali (The Beginning) Movie Review: A Grand Visual Spectacle That Makes You Ask for More

In a career spanning 14 years, with 9 consecutive hits in his belt, S.S.Rajamouli occupies an envious position today, not just in Telugu Cinema but in Indian Cinema itself. Even in his earlier films like Student No.1, Simhadri, Sye etc his passion for excellence and the desire to try something interesting was visible. And with films like Magadheera and Eega he has also demonstrated that he can comfortably handle films set on a large canvas and/or think out of the box. Today when we think of any lavishly mounted film we usually would tend to think of S.S.Rajamouli and Shankar, both being filmmakers bearing quite a lot of similarity. While both of them have shown that they are adept in handling VFX in their films, and with Shankar’s track record at the box office also being impressive, there isn’t much to differentiate between them. But one point where Rajamouli clearly scores over Shankar is that no single film of the former bears any similarity with his other works. Shankar is known for his fondness for films featuring a strong vigilante, being a recurring theme in many of his films. But that is something Rajamouli has always steered clear of.Continue reading “Baahubali (The Beginning) Movie Review: A Grand Visual Spectacle That Makes You Ask for More”

Ormayundo Ee Mugham: Trailer

Ormayundo Ee Mugham Poster 2After quite a while we see the multi-faceted Vineeth Sreenivasan back in a leading role in a Malayalam film, Oramyundo Ee Mugham (do you remember this face?). Written and directed by Anvar Sadik and produced by Jaison Elamgulam, Ormayundo Ee Mugham is a tribute to a popular dialogue in the annals of Malayalam Cinema, made popular by Suresh Gopi. The film has Namitha Pramod essaying the female lead and the rest of the star cast includes Aju Varghese, Mukesh, Lakshmi, Rohini etc. The music is by Shaan Rahman while Jithu Damodhar is the DOP and Johnkutty is the editor. The film is a romantic musical and it will be interesting to see if the film can replicate the success of Vineeth’s own directorial venture, Thattathin Marayathu (2012).Continue reading “Ormayundo Ee Mugham: Trailer”

Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras

Imaging Cinema Poster_For Web (4)IIT Madras is presenting  Imaging Cinema 2014, a Screenwriting-cum-Filmmaking Workshop from 7-14 June. The focus is on various aspects of screenwriting. Sessions on screenwriting will be conducted by experienced resource persons. Special session on aspects of direction and screenwriters will be conducted by established names from Mumbai and South Indian cine industries. Continue reading “Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras”