Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller

I’ve often wondered what makes one change his/her dynamics when you are in an alien land. How does that make you forget your roots and change your mental makeup? How easy or difficult is it to accept a different culture, and is it really all that possible to remain rooted despite all odds? No I have never lived abroad and nor am I planning to leave my homeland anytime soon. But with many friends and relatives having moved abroad I do tend to think on these lines once in a while. Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is probably someone who also thinks about all these like me. He even made a film recently titled interestingly as English: An Autumn in England (2013), revolving around the lives of a few Malayalees living in London. Probably his most audience friendly film, unfortunately it did not have his usual touch in the bargain. But he quickly bounced back with the wonderful Artist (2013) within a span of few months itself. And now he has come back with his latest outing, Ivide (here), a film that is completely based in U.S.A.Continue reading “Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller”

Ivide: Trailer

Ivide Poster 3National Award winning Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is back with his new film Ivide (Here) which is a tale totally based in the U.S.A. In an unusual departure this time he has attempted a thriller as the film is apparently based on the serial killing of IT technicians in major US cities. While the star cast is spearheaded by Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana, the rest of the cast includes American actors as well. Ivide is produced by Dr.S.Sajikumar while Gopi Sunder is the composer,Eric Dickinson is the DOP and Manoj the editor.Continue reading “Ivide: Trailer”

Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras

Imaging Cinema Poster_For Web (4)IIT Madras is presenting  Imaging Cinema 2014, a Screenwriting-cum-Filmmaking Workshop from 7-14 June. The focus is on various aspects of screenwriting. Sessions on screenwriting will be conducted by experienced resource persons. Special session on aspects of direction and screenwriters will be conducted by established names from Mumbai and South Indian cine industries. Continue reading “Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras”

Arike Movie Review: In Quest of Love

You step into a Shyamaprasad movie, thinking here’s another angst-ridden story that you are going to experience. There are signs that your fears may be true – there is a lonely woman with a tragic past who has no expectations in life and is confronted by various men in her life, you are prepared for the worst but you are pleasantly mistaken. An almost breezy, under-played romance lights up your screen and while its culmination is a deviation from its initial path, the subject is not so heavy to make you squirm or twitch – it simply makes you reflect on what love could mean.Continue reading “Arike Movie Review: In Quest of Love”

New Age Malayalam Cinema Part 1- Kerala Cafe: Do Step In Here for a While

Kerala Cafe movie poster
Kerala Cafe movie poster

We are almost in the middle of 2012 and things have been good so far for Malayalam Cinema. The box office is resonating with back to back successes and the range of films seen so far has been good. On the one hand you have some really interesting films like Second Show, Ee Adutha Kalathu,22 Female Kottayam, Diamond Necklace etc and on the other hand you have the regular traditional films like Ordinary, Mayamohini,Grandmaster,Mallu Singh etc reaching out the audience. While I do hope that the trend continues for the rest of the year its also the right time to revisit some films in the recent past which probably triggered this recent time in a way. Continue reading “New Age Malayalam Cinema Part 1- Kerala Cafe: Do Step In Here for a While”