V (2020) Telugu Movie Review: Bullets Misfired

In films from southern India, especially Tamil and Telugu industry, the film revolves around the lead actor. So whenever a film is announced without a title, the film is generally referred by the name of the lead actor and the forthcoming number of his (as per his filmography). Actors pay an important attention to milestone films likes their 25th or 50th  and so on. Continue reading “V (2020) Telugu Movie Review: Bullets Misfired”

Drishyam (Telugu): Trailer

Drishyam TeluguJeethu Joseph rewrote box office history recently with his Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam featuring Mohanlal in the lead. Hence it was no surprise that there were so many suitors for the remake rights of the film in various languages. The Kannada version Drishya produced by E4Entertainment, directed by P.Vasu and featuring Ravichandran and Navya Nair has already released. We also know that Kamal Haaan will be playing the lead in the Tamil version which will be directed by Jeethu Joseph himself. We now have the Telugu version (also titled as Drishyam) getting ready for release on 11th July. Directed by Sripriya and produced by D.Suresh Babu and Rajkumar Sethupathi, the film has Venkatesh playing the male lead. Meena reprises her role from Malayalam and the rest of the star cast includes Nadhiya, Ravi Kale, Naresh etc. The music is by Sharreth while S.Gopal Reddy is the DOP and Marthand K.Venkatesh is the editor.
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Nee Enge En Anbe Movie Review: Is This ‘Desi’ Kahaani Brilliant Enough?

Nee Enge En Anbe PosterRemakes are always a ‘controversial’ lot, which never fail to sparkle some sort of debate every time they show up. You can love them or hate them, but you can’t totally kill them or ignore them. Sylvester Stallone once humorously quoted “The trouble with remakes is that people always fall in ‘blind’ love with the original. It’s like peanut butter. If you try to change the taste of the peanut butter, you are in trouble”. Well, as insightful as it may sound, it might not be as simple as that. Firstly “Why remake a film” at all? Well, must be for the ‘moolah’, what else?  Wow! Yeah, but any lofty purpose other than that? After some serious brainstorming, I could come up with these instances/purposes that warrant a remake.Continue reading “Nee Enge En Anbe Movie Review: Is This ‘Desi’ Kahaani Brilliant Enough?”

Anaamika: Trailer

Anaamika Telugu MovieSujoy Ghosh‘s Kahaani went on to break new grounds in 2012 and Vidya Balan in particular swept the award season with her lead performance in the film. Ever since the announcement of the Tamil-Telugu bilingual version came out, the remake has been in the news. Titled as Anaamika in both the versions, Sekhar Kammula directs the film and it is produced by Endemol India along with Logline Productions and Select Media Holdings. Viacom 18 seems to have taken over the project now.Continue reading “Anaamika: Trailer”

Yevadu Movie Review: Of Twists, Turns and all that Jazz for a Formula Telugu Film

Yevadu_posterFrom time immemorial we are used to films of big stars releasing during the main festivals of the year across India. This is a phenomenon observed both in case of Hindi and Regional films. And in this regard Pongal/Sankranthi holds a special place of pride as not only is it the 1st major festival of the year, but it is also a festival that’s equally big in both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and thus crucial for big Tamil and Telugu releases. Over the last few years Sankranthi has always seen 2-3 big Telugu films releasing and it’s not a surprise for more than 1 film to succeed. Though by and large it is the big masala entertainers which work majorly during this time, there can be exceptions as well. During Sankranthi in 2011 we saw a regular masala film like Mirapakaya and a smaller slice of life film like Golconda High School succeed. In 2012 both Businessman and Bodyguard succeeded and last year we saw the clash between Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and Naayak and not surprisingly both the films succeeded.Continue reading “Yevadu Movie Review: Of Twists, Turns and all that Jazz for a Formula Telugu Film”

Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu: Sneak Peek

Srikanth Addala who shot to fame with his first Telugu film as writer-director Kotha Bangaru Lokam ( 2008 ) is finally back with his 2nd film, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu ( SVSC from here on ). Once again the producer is Dil Raju who has known Srikanth Addala right from his A.D days on films like Arya and Bommarilu. Continue reading “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu: Sneak Peek”

Trailer of Venkatesh's Telugu Movie-Shadow

Telugu director Meher Ramesh started off his career assisting Puri Jagannath initially and then turned director himself with 2 back to back Kannada films- Veera Kannadiga and Ajay, both remakes of Telugu films, Andhrawala and Okkadu respectively. Later on he moved back to Telugu Cinema and has gone to make big budget films like Billa, Kantri and Shakti.Continue reading “Trailer of Venkatesh's Telugu Movie-Shadow”

Trailer of Telugu Movie 'Life is Beautiful'

Sekhar Kammula has more or less become a brand name with his Telugu films which are quite different from the run of the film formula films churned out usually by the Telugu film industry usually. With films like Anand, Godavari and Happy Days Sekhar has established a connect with the youth very well. So when he came out with a film like Leader it was a surprise on many counts.Continue reading “Trailer of Telugu Movie 'Life is Beautiful'”