Radhe (2021) Movie Review: Old Wine in an Even Older Bottle

Some stars have made careers out of making “masala” entertainers, like Rajnikanth, Mithun, Akshay to some extent; and audiences don’t really care for reviews or others opinions on their movies, since they want to watch unadulterated entertainment. Our most wanted bhai’s movie, also falls in this category.

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Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Review: Our Dear Leader

What defines a leader? Is it ascertained by how he takes care of his people? Is it based on how he conducts itself? Can it be established by how he makes a decision?Continue reading “Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Review: Our Dear Leader”

Nannaku Prematho (2015) Movie Review: Bullshit Theory

Nannaku Prematho is the 25th movie of its lead actor NTR Jr, the film begins with the title cards of his films and then opens with an action scene which is mandatory of sorts for Telugu cinema. The first 15 minutes of most Telugu films unfailingly show the hero in slow motion,his shoes, introductory song which always sounds like Deepak Chopra’s sermons.Continue reading “Nannaku Prematho (2015) Movie Review: Bullshit Theory”

Nannaku Prematho Movie Review: A Revenge Tale with Some Spunk, Style and Science

Growing up as a child I used to be quite fond of films with revenge as its theme, perhaps due to the fact that such films would be high on action. Well those were the days when most boys would be into action films and I was no exception to it. Most actors playing heroes have acted in revenge subjects, some of them in multiple revenge films as well. In particular I liked stories where the underdog has to fight back and claw his way towards becoming equipped enough to tackle his powerful adversary, perhaps making the connect all the more better. Telugu cinema is no exception to this phenomenon and heroes of every generation have been part of such films. Over a period of course the fatigue factor began to set in, both among the audience and filmmakers. After all how long can you dish out the same thing again and again? But as long as you managed to convey the tale with some novelty, the audience continues to be receptive; no wonder films like Ghajini, Vikramarkudu or Eega have succeeded.Continue reading “Nannaku Prematho Movie Review: A Revenge Tale with Some Spunk, Style and Science”

Nenu Sailaja Movie Review: A Fun Start for Telugu Cinema in the New Year

These days it’s very rare to go in for a Telugu film and come out unscathed, year after year the standard continues to hit a new low. So for all those who are still feeling happy about Baahubali, Srimanthudu and Bale Bale Magadivoy, let me remind you all that it’s time to move on. After all 2015 is already behind us and 2016 has been ushered in. I don’t know about others but these days I generally prefer to watch a Telugu film in theatre only if there’s a clear positive vibe emerging from the promos and other sources, or if the people involved (read actors and/or director) are encouraging enough or if the word of mouth turns out to quite positive (one may still not like a film despite all this, but let’s ignore that for now). Gone are the days when one could randomly take the risk of watching any Telugu film without really knowing anything much about it. Considering all that it was interesting to open my tally of films in the New Year with a Telugu film about which I had frankly not much of an idea.Continue reading “Nenu Sailaja Movie Review: A Fun Start for Telugu Cinema in the New Year”

Puli Movie Review: Lofty in Ambition, Mediocre in Output

Chimbu Deven who started his career as a cartoonist with the popular Tamil magazine, Ananda Vikatan went on to turn filmmaker with Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi (2006). A period comedy, the film was widely accepted for its novelty and made comedian Vadivelu acceptable as a hero as well. Chimbu Deven then went on to make more films like the contemporary fantasy Arai En 305 il Kadavul (2008), the western comedy Irumbukottai Murattu Singam (2010) and a contemporary tale like Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum (2014). When it was announced that his next film would be with Vijay it didn’t really surprise me as he did have a decent track record to talk about. But considering that the film in question, Puli was to be a period fantasy adventure, I was quite skeptical. Skeptical only because of the fact that a project like this is expected to be a little too ambitious and isn’t something that everyone can actually deliver.Continue reading “Puli Movie Review: Lofty in Ambition, Mediocre in Output”

Srimanthudu Movie Review: A Star Vehicle of the Right Kind? Well Almost

In today’s time and age it is fashionable to be working in the development sector, not that there aren’t some genuinely interested people as well there. It is even more prestigious and worthy of talking about if you are trying to do things that can directly impact the lives of many other people. Politicians have been doing it for ages, a lot of other celebrities indulge in it as well, and of course there are the social activists as well. But how many of them are into it on a genuine basis? Well we don’t know, but let’s just say that they would form the minority here.  Film stars with an eye for the political arena certainly try to do work in the social space; it’s a sure shot way of catching the attention of the public. Of course not everyone has succeeded in this endeavour but people continue to try this route from time to time. Similarly doing films with a portrayal of being a do gooder for the society isn’t something new. Right from the time of MGR and NTR we have been seeing such films. A good recent example would be A.R. Murugadoss’s Kaththi where the message comes across loud and clear. So why am I rambling about all this when it comes to the review of Srimanthudu? Don’t worry you will find out soon.Continue reading “Srimanthudu Movie Review: A Star Vehicle of the Right Kind? Well Almost”

Legend: Trailer

Legend PosterNandamuri Balakrishna popularly known as NTR Balakrishna is in dire need of a big hit to maintain his popularity among the Telugu audience. With the Union Elections around the corner and with talks of Balakrishna contesting the same being talked about, it is interesting to see that he has a release coming up soon- Legend, directed by Boyapati Srinu. Balakrishna and Boyapati have worked together previously in Simha (2010) which was a big success. Legend features popular hero Jagapathi Babu as the villain and the rest of the star cast includes Sonal Chauhan, Radhika Apte, Kalyani etc. The film is produced by Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara of 14 Reels Entertainment and has music by Devi Sri Prasad.Continue reading “Legend: Trailer”

Bramman: Trailer

Bramman PosterSocrates a former associate of Kamal Haasan has now turned filmmaker himself with Bramman. This Tamil film features actor,director and producer M.Sasikumar in the lead. Lavanya Tripathi who’s worked in a few Hindi and Telugu films makes her entry into Tamil Cinema with Bramman. The film also features Soori and Santhanam too and is produced by K.Manju and Anto Joseph. Bramman has music by Devi Sri Prasad while Jomon T.John is the DOP and Raja Muhammed is the editor.Continue reading “Bramman: Trailer”