Action Hero Biju: Stereotypes and Prejudice

I have been hearing positive response from those who have seen Action Hero Biju, finally I watched it this weekend. I must say that I quite enjoyed it, but somehow I was left wondering why some aspects of the film were not discussed by the reviewers or people who have seen it.

For starters, there is a scene which involves an auto rickshaw driver who is a paramour of a housewife. The scene starts with Biju (Nivin Pauly) asking about the affair, and the camera zooms in to the lady in question and we see a middle aged fat lady with dark complexion. Biju shows contempt and mocks him for falling in love with her, it is as if Biju does not believe middle age woman should not fall in love with people or do not have any emotions.Continue reading “Action Hero Biju: Stereotypes and Prejudice”

Action Hero Biju Movie Review: A Month in the Life of a Cop

For some reason or the other when it comes to thinking about a career as a Policeman one is quite likely to have varied opinions. For some it might give you the image of a fearless cop who is all out to protect the people and who is more than capable of beating the shit out of any bad guy. Or else you could think of a corrupt cop, who is happy to keep himself/herself happy at the cost of everything else, even law and order and crime. If you happen to be falling into either the first category of people or the second, then needless to say that you are in the majority. After all we are all used to hearing tales of or watching movies which either feature a fearless dashing cop, or have witnessed enough and more tales of cops who are corrupt and/or who harass ordinary people, often without any rhyme or reason.Continue reading “Action Hero Biju Movie Review: A Month in the Life of a Cop”

Ayal Njanalla: Trailer

Ayal Njanalla Poster 2Malayalam actor Vineeth Kumar now turns director with Ayal Njanalla ( He is not me) which is produced by T.A.Sundar Menon. Based on a story written by writer-director Ranjith, Ayal Njanalla features Fahadh Faail, Mrudula Murali, Divya Pillai ,Akshat Singh, Renji Panicker, T.G.Ravi etc.The film has music by Manu Ramesan while Shamdat is the DOP and Manoj is the editor. Continue reading “Ayal Njanalla: Trailer”

KL 10 Patthu: Trailer

KL 10 Patthu PosterMuhsin Parari makes his debut as writer-director with the Malayalam movie KL 10 Patthu. Produced by Alexander Mathew & Satheesh Kolam, KL10 Patthu is a North Malabar based film with football as the background.Featuring Unni Mukundan in the lead,the film also features Chandini Sreedharan, Mamukoya, Sreenath Bhasi, Neeraj Madhav etc. Music is by Bijibal while Vishnu Narayanan is the DOP and Manoj is the editor.Continue reading “KL 10 Patthu: Trailer”

Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller

I’ve often wondered what makes one change his/her dynamics when you are in an alien land. How does that make you forget your roots and change your mental makeup? How easy or difficult is it to accept a different culture, and is it really all that possible to remain rooted despite all odds? No I have never lived abroad and nor am I planning to leave my homeland anytime soon. But with many friends and relatives having moved abroad I do tend to think on these lines once in a while. Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is probably someone who also thinks about all these like me. He even made a film recently titled interestingly as English: An Autumn in England (2013), revolving around the lives of a few Malayalees living in London. Probably his most audience friendly film, unfortunately it did not have his usual touch in the bargain. But he quickly bounced back with the wonderful Artist (2013) within a span of few months itself. And now he has come back with his latest outing, Ivide (here), a film that is completely based in U.S.A.Continue reading “Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller”

Ivide: Trailer

Ivide Poster 3National Award winning Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is back with his new film Ivide (Here) which is a tale totally based in the U.S.A. In an unusual departure this time he has attempted a thriller as the film is apparently based on the serial killing of IT technicians in major US cities. While the star cast is spearheaded by Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana, the rest of the cast includes American actors as well. Ivide is produced by Dr.S.Sajikumar while Gopi Sunder is the composer,Eric Dickinson is the DOP and Manoj the editor.Continue reading “Ivide: Trailer”

Money Rathnam: Trailer

Money Rathnam Poster 3Santosh Nair makes his debut as director with the Malayalam film curiously titled as Money Rathnam, featuring Fahadh Faasil in the lead. Produced by Raju Mathew, the film also features Niveda Thomas, Joju George, Renji Panicker etc and is written by Anil Narayanan and Ajith C.Lokesh. Prashant Pillai is the music composer while Neil D’Cunha is the DOP and Manoj the editor of the film. Continue reading “Money Rathnam: Trailer”

Mr. Fraud Movie Review: Once Again a Case of “Old Wine in New Bottle”

Mr.Fraud MovieCouple of days ago I was looking forward to doing a rare three back to back film session, rare not because I was to watch 3 movies on the trot, that’s something I do very often. But rare because all the 3 were to regional films, 1 Tamil (Vallvanakku Pullum Aayudham) and the 2 brand new Malayalam releases- Mr. Fraud and How Old Are You. Now for a film buff in Mumbai, this sort of a scenario doesn’t happen too often. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I was trying for tickets for the 2 Malayalam films and I was told that there is an uncertainty regarding the shows due to some technical issue and it would be confirmed only by evening. Needless to say I was just about hoping that things would get sorted out and that I would get to watch the films as already planned. After all why would I let go of a chance to watch a Mohanlal film on the very first day of release (and also Manju Warrier’s come back film-How Old Are You) and hence was relieved when I heard of the shows happening as scheduled.Continue reading “Mr. Fraud Movie Review: Once Again a Case of “Old Wine in New Bottle””

Mr.Fraud: Sneak Peek

Mr.Fraud 2014The combination of director B.Unnikrishnan and ace actor Mohanlal has produced reasonably successful Malayalam films at the box office like Madampi and Grandmaster in the past. Now the same combination is back with Mr.Fraud,produced by A.V.Anoop and written by B.Unnikrishnan himself. Slated for release on 16th May, the film has an ensemble cast which includes Dev Gill, Manjari Phadnis, Pallavi Purohit, Mia George, Siddique, Vijayakumar, Vijay Babu, Suresh Krishna etc. The film has music by Gopi Sunder while Satheesh Kurup is the DOP and Manoj the editor. After the super success of Drishyam it will be interesting to see how Mr.Fraud turns out.Continue reading “Mr.Fraud: Sneak Peek”