Fan: A Quick Review

Which is the movie in which Shahrukh Khan has a double role? Duplicate

Which is the movie in which he has been himself, as a superstar? Billoo Barber
Which is the movie in which he has truly acted without overacting? Chak De India
Which is the movie in which he has done all of the above? FAN

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Fan Movie Review : Only For Shah Rukh, The Actor

fan1Shah Rukh Khan – The name itself spells a big film, if not a good film. Over the years, many have complained arduously about Khan’s lack of efforts in picking scripts and films, and intermittently succumbing to rehashed concoctions or sub par servings, packaged, garnished and decorated well enough to be shoved down your throat via extensive marketing. Some of this marketing has made people averse to watching his films or similar star vehicles, while others continue to feed on them raking in the numbers. But things changed with Dilwale, in December 2015. When another biggie clashed with it, Dilwale suffered and the numbers tapered into an abyss faster than SRK would have imagined.

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Fan Movie Review: Star At War

FAN 1We live in a country, where cinema isn’t treated as just another form of art, but as a form of sustenance. The common man sees a film as a means of escape from what he may consider a dreary life, packed with problems and tensions, and for a couple of hours, he’d like to forget it. Adding to that, most Indian movies are larger than life, and nothing ends up larger than the performances of our leading men.

There is a devil may care attitude towards life’s googlies (on screen at least) and no problem is so big that it can’t end with everybody smiling as “The End” pops up on the screen (For the most). But are these celluloid demigods really infallible? Are their lives as easy and awesome as they seem to us, the adoring public? Are they not allowed their “me time” as much as we are? And the most important question, as much as they owe their stardom to their fans, do they owe their life and privacy too?

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Daawat-E-Ishq Movie Review: Too Bland A Meal

Habib Faisal, the writer-director of Daawat-E-Ishq gave us the brilliant Band Baaja Baaraat (2010-he wrote it), the phenomenal Do Dooni Chaar (2010) and the arguably interesting Ishaqzaade (2012). After watching his latest works, including Bewakoofiyaan, which came earlier this year and now Daawat-E-Ishq, one must wonder if he has completely lost track of good screenwriting or not. Both the films this year have been extremely sub-standard and put a serious question mark on him. From the first look itself, I did not expect much out of DEI, the songs did not work as YRF may have imagined them to and the film exuded a thanda vibe overall. Not much of that is changed even when you watch the film as it looks a hurried half cooked recipe of a delicious idea. Yes, Daawat-E-Ishq is a dud for most parts. This review may have spoilers and so that was the word of caution. Usually, I tend to avoid spoilers but some appalling fallacies cannot be brought to light without mentioning them. Continue reading “Daawat-E-Ishq Movie Review: Too Bland A Meal”

Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras

Imaging Cinema Poster_For Web (4)IIT Madras is presenting  Imaging Cinema 2014, a Screenwriting-cum-Filmmaking Workshop from 7-14 June. The focus is on various aspects of screenwriting. Sessions on screenwriting will be conducted by experienced resource persons. Special session on aspects of direction and screenwriters will be conducted by established names from Mumbai and South Indian cine industries. Continue reading “Imaging Cinema 2014: Screenwriting and Filmmaking Workshop at IIT Madras”

Bewakoofiyaan (2014) Movie Review: Lost In Its Own Foolishness

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 119 Minutes | Director : Nupur Asthana 

Bewakoofiyaan_PosterThe one standing emotion that gets livened on screen is love. The one genre that milks most of it is a romantic-comedy. Bollywood churns out more romantic comedies in a year than dramas that have love in them. Bewakoofiyaan adds to the long list in the genre. The decade in this genre is about Indian girls going out more, becoming more independent, sporting a bikini and “living” in the way the 21st Century Western girl is and the guy usually being charming, a bit foolish and generally with a buff torso. In other words, romantic comedies are about yuppies. It is about songs shot in Udaipur in a wedding or holiday situation and a night club appearance. Nupur Asthana‘s film is pretty much along the lines of a silly romantic comedy and after Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, a silly film that I did enjoy, I wanted something equally enjoyable but there’s very little spunk here that made me enjoy her previous film.Continue reading “Bewakoofiyaan (2014) Movie Review: Lost In Its Own Foolishness”

Bewakoofiyan: Trailer

BewakoofiyaanNupur Asthana who was earlier known for her T.V series like Hip Hip Hurray (1999) & Mahi Way (2010), also went on to write the screenplay for films like Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (2007) & Chance Pe Dance (2010). Her debut feature film as director was Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (2011) which turned out to be a surprisingly refreshing film. She is now back with her second film, Bewakoofiyaan which is also a YRF production (her previous film was produced by Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films).Continue reading “Bewakoofiyan: Trailer”

The Best of Bollywood: 2012

Unmindful of their box office gains, I present a list of 10 films which I rate as the best churned out by Bollywood in 2012. A few obvious choices, a few dark horses. If you still haven’t seen any of them, consider this list as a recommendation.
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Producing "Do Dooni Chaar"

Picture this: In the cubbyholes of Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, a family of 4 is rejoicing. They have just received Rs. 7,200 as Income Tax refund. The mother wants a new fridge, the son wants a Dish TV connection and the daughter wants an iPod. The father? Well, he just wants peace! As they fight it out to see who wins the battle of what the family will ultimately buy, comes a phone call.Continue reading “Producing "Do Dooni Chaar"”