BEAST (2022) Tamil Movie Review: Guns, Swag and Vijay in a Nelson world

Commercial cinema in India is a tricky issue, especially so in Tamil and Telugu where directors need to tread a path wherein they need to balance their storytelling and pander to fans. While Vijay has been consistently among the most popular stars in Tamil cinema, with a solid mass fan following, Nelson on the other hand is a director who is known for dark comedy, a genre which has not been explored much in Tamil cinema. I was looking forward for this combination, expecting something exciting to emerge out of it.

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Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Telugu Movie Review: A Trivikram Mythology

Trivikram Srinivas is considered to one of the star writer-directors in the Telugu film industry, he has an impeccable filmography. I was excited to watch his new Sankranthi outing, Ala Vaikunthapurramloo, like many others. It is his return to his territory of film making. The movie begins on a dark note, with an exchange of 2 new born kids. But the twist here is that the kids are not exchanged for the reason of their safety but out of jealousy and greed. Trivikram continues with his favourite theme of sourcing from mythology and including the idea of justice and revenge.Continue reading “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Telugu Movie Review: A Trivikram Mythology”

Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: AG goes from Oscar to ‘Ab Bas Kar’

Every Independence Day we like to remember Indian History to be proud of it. This I- Day is different. People who forget history (Khelen Hum Jee Jaan se, Whats your Rashee, Everest etc.) are condemned to repeat it. Ashutosh Gowariker seems to have lost his itch, though his last good movie (Jodha Akbar) was 8 years ago.

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Mugamoodi! The Dark K(Night) doesn't quite rise here

I have been a fan of Mysskin ever since I watched Anjathey for the first time back in college. He has been one director who excels at taking up old stories and presenting them on screen in a totally different format and doing the same in a manner that doesn’t insult the viewer’s intelligence. It started with Chithiram Pesuthadi which was the surprise hit of 2006 and quite an enjoyable watch.Continue reading “Mugamoodi! The Dark K(Night) doesn't quite rise here”

Tamil Cinema gets a Superhero- Trailer of 'Mugamoodi'

is a maverick Tamil filmmaker and has been making films in his own signature style. And one thing good about his films has been the fact that he has been trying various genres and themes with each one of his films be it a Chithiram Pesudhadi, Anjathey, Nandalala or a Yuddham Sei. And now he’s ready with Mugamoodi ( Mask ), a proper superhero film. The film has undergone many changes in terms of the protagonist and the producers. Continue reading “Tamil Cinema gets a Superhero- Trailer of 'Mugamoodi'”