Kammath & Kammath: Sneak Peek

Kammath & Kammath is a forthcoming Malayalam comedy film with Mammootty and Dileep in the lead. Written by Udaykrishna-Siby K.Thomas who are known for their loud, commercial films which mostly have done well at the box office, the film is directed by Thomson K.Thomas. Produced by Anto Joseph, the film has music by M.Jayachandran while Anil Nair is the DOP and Mahesh Narayanan the editor. The film also has Rima Kallingal, Karthika Nair, Narain, Baburaj etc in the star cast.Continue reading “Kammath & Kammath: Sneak Peek”

Ayalum Njanum Thammil-Lal Jose’s Emotional Saga

Ayalum Njanum Thammil Poster
Ayalum Njanum Thammil Poster

Some professions are more equal than the others and medicine is one such field where a doctor is revered and expected to go beyond his line of duty. He stands as a messenger of God and in many cases, his word is the clincher that gives that extra breath to a dying man or pushes a healthier man to the brink. As Dr Samuel (Pratap Pothen) reminds his junior doctors Dr Ravi Tharakan (Prithviraj) and Dr Supriya (Remya Nambeesan) that while God is the final decider, sometimes even doctors can do that role and HE speaks through them in those moments.Continue reading “Ayalum Njanum Thammil-Lal Jose’s Emotional Saga”

Ayalum Njanum Thammil Movie Review: A Nostalgic Ride down Memory Lane

Ayalum Njanum Thammil - Poster
Ayalum Njanum Thammil – Poster

All those following Malayalam Cinema know that Lal Jose has been one of the more prolific filmmakers in Malayalam Cinema of late. He is also one of the few Malayalam filmmakers who prefer to walk down the middle path and that’s why a lot of his films have managed to do well commercially and yet win the approval of the critics.Continue reading “Ayalum Njanum Thammil Movie Review: A Nostalgic Ride down Memory Lane”

Ayalum Njanum Thammil- Sneak Peek

Lal Jose is one of the more prolific Malayalam filmmakers around and has a reasonably good strike rate at the box office as well. This year he has already had 2 releases, the disappointing Spanish Masala and the wonderful Diamond Necklace.He’s now here with his 3rd film of the year, Ayalum Njanum Thammil which promises to be a nostalgic ride all right but with a difference. Continue reading “Ayalum Njanum Thammil- Sneak Peek”

Mugamoodi! The Dark K(Night) doesn't quite rise here

I have been a fan of Mysskin ever since I watched Anjathey for the first time back in college. He has been one director who excels at taking up old stories and presenting them on screen in a totally different format and doing the same in a manner that doesn’t insult the viewer’s intelligence. It started with Chithiram Pesuthadi which was the surprise hit of 2006 and quite an enjoyable watch.Continue reading “Mugamoodi! The Dark K(Night) doesn't quite rise here”

Tamil Cinema gets a Superhero- Trailer of 'Mugamoodi'

is a maverick Tamil filmmaker and has been making films in his own signature style. And one thing good about his films has been the fact that he has been trying various genres and themes with each one of his films be it a Chithiram Pesudhadi, Anjathey, Nandalala or a Yuddham Sei. And now he’s ready with Mugamoodi ( Mask ), a proper superhero film. The film has undergone many changes in terms of the protagonist and the producers. Continue reading “Tamil Cinema gets a Superhero- Trailer of 'Mugamoodi'”

Grandmaster Movie Review : A Thriller That Surprises

Grandmaster Movie Image
Grandmaster Movie Image

With a filmography that boasts of movies like Pramani, Madambi and The Thriller, it is difficult to approach B Unnikrishnan’s Grandmaster, with a sense of expectation, despite its impressive trailer. But then these are better times that mainstream Malayalam cinema finds itself in and so you are unexpectedly served an engaging investigation drama, without the usual humdrum and noise that comes associated with these movies. UTV’s maiden Malayalam venture is a slick non-melodramatic thriller that will gladden the hearts of Mohanlal’s genuine fans who have been cheated by his superstar persona movies in these last few years.Continue reading “Grandmaster Movie Review : A Thriller That Surprises”


Writer-director B.Unnikrishnan has had a mixed fortune at the box office with his Malayalam movies. His most notable success came in the form of Madambi starring Mohanlal in the lead. This pair of Mohanlal and B.Unnikrishnan re-unite now with Grandmaster which marks the entry of UTV Motion Pictures into Malayalam Cinema. Continue reading “Grandmaster-Trailer”