Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Telugu Movie Review: A Trivikram Mythology

Trivikram Srinivas is considered to one of the star writer-directors in the Telugu film industry, he has an impeccable filmography. I was excited to watch his new Sankranthi outing, Ala Vaikunthapurramloo, like many others. It is his return to his territory of film making. The movie begins on a dark note, with an exchange of 2 new born kids. But the twist here is that the kids are not exchanged for the reason of their safety but out of jealousy and greed. Trivikram continues with his favourite theme of sourcing from mythology and including the idea of justice and revenge.Continue reading “Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) Telugu Movie Review: A Trivikram Mythology”

Jai Gangaajal Movie Review: A Case of Prakash Jha Spoiling Priyanka Chopra’s Party

Few things are more tragic than a creator becoming the destroyer-in-chief of his own cherished creation. Prakash Jha does exactly that with Jai Gangaajal – the not-so-required and oh-so-underwhelming sequel to his 2003 cop drama Gangaajal, a film that was both gripping and realistic despite its underlying theme of vigilante justice.Continue reading “Jai Gangaajal Movie Review: A Case of Prakash Jha Spoiling Priyanka Chopra’s Party”

Bale Bale Magadivoy Movie Review: Maruthi Dasari and Nani Deliver a Fresh Romantic-Comedy

Imagine someday that you start forgetting things just like that, not on purpose but casually and as a matter of fact. Then try imagining that the same thing becomes a habit by default, not under your control at all. Added to this is the prospect of getting distracted easily and hence losing focus. Ever imagined the kind of problems one would end up facing on account of this malady? The prospects of getting into trouble are unlimited and it takes someone with a lot of acumen and street smartness to manage his/her life despite all odds. You don’t have to trouble yourself to imagine hard about someone like this, right here in our midst is one such guy, the hero of Maruthi Dasari’s recent Telugu release, Bale Bale Magadivoy. Maruthi Dasari has been a prolific industry professional, having already directed 4 movies in the last few years, apart from producing/co-producing a few more. Continue reading “Bale Bale Magadivoy Movie Review: Maruthi Dasari and Nani Deliver a Fresh Romantic-Comedy”

Arrambam (2013):Too Simple Baby….

Language : Tamil | Running Time : 157 Minutes | Director : Vishnuvardhan

ArrambamWhat’s Diwali without a movie involving a big star releasing in India? In Tamil cinema, we have the big Diwali release, Arrambam, starring Ajith KumarAryaNayantara and a few other big names. One of the scenes in the movie has Ajith Kumar riding a Ducati, make and model beyond my limited knowledge. It is a scene which incurs the most whistles and claps in the theater. It is their star’s vehicle. In another scene, Ajith is steering a speedboat.Continue reading “Arrambam (2013):Too Simple Baby….”

Arrambam Movie Review: Thala Ajith’s Diwali Treat Which Works Partially

ArrambamBilla (2007) was a turning point in the career of Ajith, the leading man, Vishnuvardhan the director and Nayantara the heroine of the film. Billa was a remake of the Rajnikanth starrer of the same name, which in turn was a remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s Don (1978). Continue reading “Arrambam Movie Review: Thala Ajith’s Diwali Treat Which Works Partially”

Trailer of Telugu Movie Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Krish aka Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi made a smashing debut in Telugu Cinema with the wonderful film Gamyam ( 2008 ). He followed it up with Vedam in 2010 and the Tamil remake of the same, Vaanam in 2011. With Vedam/Vaanam he proved that Gamyam was not a one off attempt and that he really is talented indeed.Continue reading “Trailer of Telugu Movie Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum”