BEAST (2022) Tamil Movie Review: Guns, Swag and Vijay in a Nelson world

Commercial cinema in India is a tricky issue, especially so in Tamil and Telugu where directors need to tread a path wherein they need to balance their storytelling and pander to fans. While Vijay has been consistently among the most popular stars in Tamil cinema, with a solid mass fan following, Nelson on the other hand is a director who is known for dark comedy, a genre which has not been explored much in Tamil cinema. I was looking forward for this combination, expecting something exciting to emerge out of it.

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Maryan Movie Review: A Timeless Romantic Tale that Connects

MariyaanBharat Bala, A.R.Rahman, Dhanush, coming together for a Tamil movie produced by Aascar FilmsMaryan (or Mariyaan as it ought to be actually spelled) was enough to send raptures among people following Tamil Cinema for a simple reason- this would not be just another run of the mill film. The promos, the posters, the music all gave way to umpteen points of discussion, but I was sure that this was a visual treat in store which would work if the execution was nearly as good as the premise itself.Continue reading “Maryan Movie Review: A Timeless Romantic Tale that Connects”

“The Forest” and Beyond: In Conversation with Ashvin Kumar

In a very candid conversation with MAM, Ashvin Kumar (director of Road to Ladakh, Little Terrorist, Dazed in Doon, Inshallah Football and Inshallah Kashmir ) who is currently busy with the pre-release activities centered around his forthcoming movie, The Forest ( his 1st full length feature film that is finally due for release on 11th May,2011 ) discussed a lot of aspects both with respect to The Forest and otherwise.Continue reading ““The Forest” and Beyond: In Conversation with Ashvin Kumar”

Promo of The Forest-Ashvin Kumar’s Thriller

Ashvin Kumar has been in the news recently for Inshallah Kashmir, the documentary about the plight of common Kashmiris in their own state which he had released online in Jan this year. He also won the National Award for Inshallah Football ( which shared the National Award for Best Film on Social Issues this year ). Continue reading “Promo of The Forest-Ashvin Kumar’s Thriller”