Angamaly Diaries Movie Review: A Colourful and Lively Tale of a Town and its People

It’s been a few weeks since Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries released, but people continue to be watching it and talking about it.  There definitely seems to be something that has indeed gone right for the filmmaker who is definitely known for his fantastic sense of humour. Ask anyone who has seen one of his previous films, Amen (2013) and I am sure they would probably vouch for this. In his latest film Angamaly Diaries this point is even more emphasized.  While the film does feature food as a vital element in the film, visible in the opening credits itself where we we see various popular food joints in the town of Angamaly and their signature dishes getting prepared, there is a lot more to this in the film. Have you ever thought of or described a romantic relationship in terms of a food combination, well if you haven’t then you need to check out Angamaly Diaries for sure.Continue reading “Angamaly Diaries Movie Review: A Colourful and Lively Tale of a Town and its People”

Nee-Na Movie Review: Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Imagine for a moment that you are on top of the World; you are doing well professionally and perhaps received the promotion or the dream job that you were aspiring for. Your personal life also seems to be going very well, with a relationship being totally in control and providing you with joy and satisfaction. Now what if someone/something were to come along the way and in the process bring about a shift in the scenario; what if this was to go on to create ripples in your life in a manner that you would have never envisioned? Wondering what’s wrong with me? Don’t worry as I am still reeling under the impact of Lal Jose’s latest Malayalam film, Nee-Na. After the lacklustre Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal (2013) he bounced back commercially with Vikramadithyan (2014), but there wasn’t anything novel about the film as such. Considering the success of the film though, I wondered if he would continue on the same track but was surprised when I heard of his new film Nee-Na, as it certainly didn’t sound like another Vikramadithyan like attempt.Continue reading “Nee-Na Movie Review: Two’s company, three’s a crowd”

Nee-Na: Trailer

Nee Na PosterProlific Malayalam filmmaker Lal Jose wasn’t around in the Country when his last film, Vikramadithyan (2014) released. The reason being the fact that he was on a World tour with a couple of friends. But he had no reason to be worried as Vikramadithyan did well commercially despite not being critically acclaimed. Once he got back after his tour Lal Jose went on to announce his next film, Nee-Na which he mentioned would be a women-centric film. Venugopal Ramachandran Nair is the writer, his first outing with Lal Jose.The film features Ann Augustine, Vijay Babu and introduces former Miss Kerala and model, Deepti Sati. Nikhil J.Menon has composed the songs while Bijibal has provided the BGM. Jomon T John is the DOP and Ranjan Abraham is the editor.Continue reading “Nee-Na: Trailer”

Aadu-Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu: Trailer

Aadu Poster 2Midhun Manuel Thomas,the co-writer of one of the better Malayalam films of last year,Ohm Shanthi Oshaana makes his directorial debut now with Aadu-Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu (goat is a dangerous animal). Produced  by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas, the film revolves around a she-goat named Pinki and a tug of war competition. Jayasurya plays the lead and the rest of the star cast includes Srinda Ashab, Vinayakan, Sandra Thomas, Chemban Vinod, Vijay Babu, Saiju Kurup, Bijukuttan etc. Music is by Shaan Rahman while Vishnu Narayan is the DOP and Lijo Paul is the editor.Continue reading “Aadu-Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu: Trailer”

Tamaar Padaar Movie Review: A Film that tries to say a lot in the Wrong Manner

Quite a few films suffer from a mysterious cinematic ailment called ‘Curse of the Second Half’, which practically means that a movie that floats around steadily with some promise in the initial phase rapidly nosedives in the second half – apparently, the director has a story in mind but is at his wit’s end on how to bring it to a grand finale and eventually, it takes the easy way out and embracing a conventional ending.Continue reading “Tamaar Padaar Movie Review: A Film that tries to say a lot in the Wrong Manner”

Mr. Fraud Movie Review: Once Again a Case of “Old Wine in New Bottle”

Mr.Fraud MovieCouple of days ago I was looking forward to doing a rare three back to back film session, rare not because I was to watch 3 movies on the trot, that’s something I do very often. But rare because all the 3 were to regional films, 1 Tamil (Vallvanakku Pullum Aayudham) and the 2 brand new Malayalam releases- Mr. Fraud and How Old Are You. Now for a film buff in Mumbai, this sort of a scenario doesn’t happen too often. My heart nearly skipped a beat when I was trying for tickets for the 2 Malayalam films and I was told that there is an uncertainty regarding the shows due to some technical issue and it would be confirmed only by evening. Needless to say I was just about hoping that things would get sorted out and that I would get to watch the films as already planned. After all why would I let go of a chance to watch a Mohanlal film on the very first day of release (and also Manju Warrier’s come back film-How Old Are You) and hence was relieved when I heard of the shows happening as scheduled.Continue reading “Mr. Fraud Movie Review: Once Again a Case of “Old Wine in New Bottle””

Mr.Fraud: Sneak Peek

Mr.Fraud 2014The combination of director B.Unnikrishnan and ace actor Mohanlal has produced reasonably successful Malayalam films at the box office like Madampi and Grandmaster in the past. Now the same combination is back with Mr.Fraud,produced by A.V.Anoop and written by B.Unnikrishnan himself. Slated for release on 16th May, the film has an ensemble cast which includes Dev Gill, Manjari Phadnis, Pallavi Purohit, Mia George, Siddique, Vijayakumar, Vijay Babu, Suresh Krishna etc. The film has music by Gopi Sunder while Satheesh Kurup is the DOP and Manoj the editor. After the super success of Drishyam it will be interesting to see how Mr.Fraud turns out.Continue reading “Mr.Fraud: Sneak Peek”

Philips and the Monkey Pen Movie Review: A Children’s Film with Universal Appeal

Philips-n-the-monkey-penFriday Film House which is helmed by actors Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas entered into the field of film production with Linin Jose’s Friday (2012). This was followed by the recent Zachariyayude Garbhinikal, written and directed by Aneesh Anwar.Continue reading “Philips and the Monkey Pen Movie Review: A Children’s Film with Universal Appeal”