The 48th Kerala State Film Awards: Complete List of Winners

Earlier today in Thiruvananthapuram the 48th Kerala State Film Awards (for the year 2017) were announced by minister A.K.Balan. Films like Mahesh Narayan‘s Take Off, Lijo Jose Pellissery‘s yet to be released Ee.Ma.Yau, Rahul Riji Nair‘s Ottamuri Velicham & Ranjan Pramod‘s Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu were the major winners at the Kerala State Film Awards bestowed by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy.Continue reading “The 48th Kerala State Film Awards: Complete List of Winners”

Angamaly Diaries Movie Review: A Colourful and Lively Tale of a Town and its People

It’s been a few weeks since Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Angamaly Diaries released, but people continue to be watching it and talking about it.  There definitely seems to be something that has indeed gone right for the filmmaker who is definitely known for his fantastic sense of humour. Ask anyone who has seen one of his previous films, Amen (2013) and I am sure they would probably vouch for this. In his latest film Angamaly Diaries this point is even more emphasized.  While the film does feature food as a vital element in the film, visible in the opening credits itself where we we see various popular food joints in the town of Angamaly and their signature dishes getting prepared, there is a lot more to this in the film. Have you ever thought of or described a romantic relationship in terms of a food combination, well if you haven’t then you need to check out Angamaly Diaries for sure.Continue reading “Angamaly Diaries Movie Review: A Colourful and Lively Tale of a Town and its People”

Double Barrel: Trailer

Double Barrel Poster 4Double Barrel aka Iratta Kuzhal has been in the news from the time it was announced. Lijo Jose Pellissery who started off as a filmmaker with Malayalam films like Nayakan (2010) and City of God (2011), hit the big league with Amen (2013). Earlier Double Barrel was supposed to be a film featuring Prithviraj and Indrajith along with Fahadh Faasil, later on Fahadh moved out and was replaced by Arya. Produced by August Cinema, the film also features Asif Ali, Isha Sharvani, Swati Reddy, Chemban Vinod etc. Music is by Prashant Pillai while Abhinandan Ramanujam is the DOP and Sathyaraj is the editor.Continue reading “Double Barrel: Trailer”

The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective

Ramzan Malayalam ReleasesCompared to 2012 which was a landmark year of sorts for Malayalam Cinema 2013 was a little uneven year of sorts. But 2013 is a unique year for Malayalam Cinema where in terms of quantity of output Malayalam saw the maximum number of straight releases as compared to any other Indian language (apparently 158 straight releases and 12 dubbed releases with Tamil being a close second with 149 straight releases).  In terms of films which were clear trendsetters maybe the number of exceptional films weren’t too many, but keeping in mind that 2013 wasn’t an exceptionally special year for Indian Cinema per se, the output of Malayalam Cinema was still quite impressive. Sure the industry had its fair share of disappointments but then they do not outweigh the things which worked positively. Before I go on to talk about the films which made a difference in the year, let’s first look at some of the significant developments and aspects that were observed over the year.Continue reading “The Best of Malayalam Cinema in 2013: A Perspective”

Amen Malayalam Movie Review: Gonzo Meets Guerilla

Like many among you, in my family too, as children – we hated vegetables. It was always the usual fuss around the dining table. Our parents had almost given up, being burdened enough with the guilt of having sent us off to boarding school early on, they never exercised what the diplomatically inclined would refer to as ‘restraint’. We were like Lars Von Trier in a quasi sort of way – reckless childhoods.
Order, calm and common sense prevailed only when my grandmother showed up at home. Kerala, my home state, is a very matriarchal society. The women are pretty intense. Her visits always brought the same sense of bittersweet joy. Sweet for the obvious reasons and bitter because of just oneAvial.Oh don’t worry, don’t reach for the dictionary – it’s not your lack of vocabulary. Avial, pronounced as aah-vhee-al is a dish that is uniquely Keralean. It is also every strictly carnivorous individual’s worst nightmare. It is a dish made from not one, not two but 10 different vegetables and it’s all mashed into this thick, morbid looking thing that screams at you to run from the moment it’s on your plate. None of us would touch it and like all parents, mine would say, “Taste it, why don’t you? How would you know if you like it if you don’t taste it?” But not my grandmother. She knew that we were too smart for reason. She had a better trick up her sleeve. She told us a story. It went something like this,Continue reading “Amen Malayalam Movie Review: Gonzo Meets Guerilla”

Amen Malayalam Movie: Trailer

Lijo Jose Pellissery got noticed with his first 2 Malayalam movies – Nayakan ( 2010 ) and City of God ( 2011 ). While both these films had an undertone of action/violence, surprisingly his latest film Amen is a romantic musical against a Church backdrop. Continue reading “Amen Malayalam Movie: Trailer”