Nee-Na Movie Review: Two’s company, three’s a crowd

Imagine for a moment that you are on top of the World; you are doing well professionally and perhaps received the promotion or the dream job that you were aspiring for. Your personal life also seems to be going very well, with a relationship being totally in control and providing you with joy and satisfaction. Now what if someone/something were to come along the way and in the process bring about a shift in the scenario; what if this was to go on to create ripples in your life in a manner that you would have never envisioned? Wondering what’s wrong with me? Don’t worry as I am still reeling under the impact of Lal Jose’s latest Malayalam film, Nee-Na. After the lacklustre Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal (2013) he bounced back commercially with Vikramadithyan (2014), but there wasn’t anything novel about the film as such. Considering the success of the film though, I wondered if he would continue on the same track but was surprised when I heard of his new film Nee-Na, as it certainly didn’t sound like another Vikramadithyan like attempt.Continue reading “Nee-Na Movie Review: Two’s company, three’s a crowd”

Nee-Na: Trailer

Nee Na PosterProlific Malayalam filmmaker Lal Jose wasn’t around in the Country when his last film, Vikramadithyan (2014) released. The reason being the fact that he was on a World tour with a couple of friends. But he had no reason to be worried as Vikramadithyan did well commercially despite not being critically acclaimed. Once he got back after his tour Lal Jose went on to announce his next film, Nee-Na which he mentioned would be a women-centric film. Venugopal Ramachandran Nair is the writer, his first outing with Lal Jose.The film features Ann Augustine, Vijay Babu and introduces former Miss Kerala and model, Deepti Sati. Nikhil J.Menon has composed the songs while Bijibal has provided the BGM. Jomon T John is the DOP and Ranjan Abraham is the editor.Continue reading “Nee-Na: Trailer”

Da Thadiya: Sneak Peek

Aashiq Abu shot to fame with his second film-Salt N’Pepper which was one of the most popular Malayalam films of 2011 and also well acclaimed. He followed it this year with 22 Female Kottayam, his own tribute to films like Kill Bill and Ek Hasina Thi, which was a fair attempt and carried a lot of buzz online as well. Continue reading “Da Thadiya: Sneak Peek”

Trailer of Malayalam Movie 'Poppins'

V.K.Prakash has turned out to be one of the most prolific Malayalam filmmakers of late. If Beautiful went on to appeal to both the masses and the critics then the recent Trivandrum Lodge turned out to be a controversial albeit successful film. And now he’s all set to unleash upon his forthcoming film, Poppins. Continue reading “Trailer of Malayalam Movie 'Poppins'”