Netflix India to Officially Allow Login/Password Sharing from 15th April 2023

We all know that Netflix India is undergoing a state of flux and has been under pressure to show an increase in subscriptions, an important matrix for OTT platforms, but something for which the global platform has not seen considerable success compared to some of its competitors. The main reason for the same has been the high subscription costs, the highest across all OTT platforms in India.

Towards the end of 2021 the platform did undertake a price reduction across the 4 plans available in India. As a result the cheapest plan (mobile only) dropped to 149 Rs. monthly (from 199) and the costliest plan (premium) dropped to 649 Rs. monthly (from 799). Though initial reports from 2022 seemed to suggest that these price drops seemed to be helping the platform in India, apparently the reality seemed to be something else altogether.

Hence it was widely speculated that India along with several other key markets for Netflix, could soon see a more rational pricing pattern. This was expected to come into effect towards the end of 2022 or early 2023. Now into the 2nd quarter of 2023, there are people still waiting  eagerly for the announcement of a revised pricing structure, something that is expected to bring a lot more cheer for potential subscribers.

Indian consumers have been largely depending on login and password sharing between friends and relatives, as a mechanism to access Netflix. It is very common to see one person paying for the subscription and sharing the same with 3-4 other friends or family members, the only way by which perhaps they can afford to access the platform. This phenomenon isn’t unique to India alone and has also existed in some other price sensitive markets.

The platform has from time to time indicated that they are studying ways and means to curb this practice. But no one took this seriously, until a few weeks ago when it was being reported that Netflix is planning to take steps to prevent password sharing. This was something that took people by surprise, especially those who were waiting for the new pricing plan. Just when it appeared to confuse people, there’s something now to cheer for & it’s probably the best thing that Netflix India has probably done or planned to do so far.

Netflix India now apparently has decided not to prevent password sharing, rather they plan to officially allow login and password sharing for the Indian market. As per an official source (who chose not to be identified), this should come into practice from 15th April 2023 and the team is contemplating an official announcement. But there is also a suggestion that probably they may not announce this publicly, but do so silently and use this as a tactic to gain more subscribers in India, till their revised subscription plans are ready to be announced.

The Netflix source goes to further add that “we at Netflix India are committed to providing the best of entertainment to our subscribers in India and will ensure that our focus remains on adding more subscribers in the most efficient manner.”

Now if this is not something to be happy to be about this weekend, then what is? Well, you are not alone then as we at MAM would probably welcome such news as well. At this moment here’s wishing all of you a very Happy April Fool’s Day Ha Ha Ha 😀 !!!

P.S- The whole post is intended only as an April Fool’s Day joke and not to be taken seriously.

Breaking News: RGV and Aamir Khan to Join Hands for a Biopic on Narendra Modi,Mann Ki Baat

While the quality of most of his recent releases might be debatable, there is no doubt about Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV‘s ability to stay in the news. He is also someone who is quick to realize the potential in a topic that could be of relevance for a feature film. A recent example being his revelation on Twitter in terms of his intent to make a film on Sasikala, after all the controversial happenings in Tamil Nadu politics following the passing away of the former CM, J.Jayalalitha. But this latest news beats everything else in terms of whatever he has done so far. As per informed sources from his production house, RGV is now planning to announce a biopic on none other than Narendra Modi. Tentatively titled “Mann Ki Baat”, what is even more surprising is that RGV is already in talks with Aamir Khan to play the lead role of India’s PM. As we all might remember, RGV and Aamir Khan had earlier collaborated on Rangeela. While the film did turn out to be a commercial success, they had almost sworn not to work together again.This makes the news appear even more interesting and the project will soon be the most talked about film over the next few months for sure.

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Breaking News- Mani Ratnam's next film to feature Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan!!!

We all know that Rajnikanth started off his career by making his debut with Apoorva Ragangal, a film made by his mentor, K.Balachander and starring Kamal Haasan in the main lead. Rajni and Kamal went on to subsequently work together in 18 films in total. Continue reading “Breaking News- Mani Ratnam's next film to feature Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan!!!”

Breaking News-Rakesh Roshan to make Karan Arjun-2 with SRK and Salman

At a time when the patch-up of Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan is being talked about all over, another topic that people are interested is in is if SRK and Salman would bury the hatchet and probably even get back to doing a project together. Well the wait is over as per sources with whom MAM has been in touch with of late. The seemingly impossible is now looking likely from an unexpected corner indeed. Rakesh Roshan who made the blockbuster hit Karan Arjun in the 90’s with SRK and Salman is apparently coming up with a sequel to the film right after he completes work on Krish-3.

While Karan Arjun was an outlandish commercial entertainer which worked with the masses in the 90’s, it has also gone on to attain legendary status among the list of guilty pleasure films for a lot of people. So it comes as a surprise when we heard the news of the sequel and here is what Rakesh Roshan had to say about it –“While its true that with Hrithik around I’ve not really had time to get back to working with other actors, I have always looked upon Karan Arjun with a lot of pride for the kind of reach it got me among the masses. I have always shared a good rapport with Shah Rukh and even with Salman too. But it would come as a surprise to you all that the idea of a sequel has come in from none other than Hrithik who is apparently a big fan of the orginal film”.

So right now the idea is to complete the script towards the end of 2012 and principal shoot is likely to begin sometime in the 1st half of 2013. It definitely goes without saying that the film would have 2 different heroines ( Karan Arjun had Kajol and Mamta Kulkarni in the lead ). When asked as to whether the story takes off from right where Karan Arjun ended or if it’s a totally different take with the same 2 principal characters, Rakesh Roshan said its too early to comment on the same. Music would definitely be composed by Rajesh Roshan itself and in a big surprise its also being rumored that Karan Arjun-2 would have interesting cameos from Ranbir Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan.

All in all doesn’t this sound too exciting and make us look forward to the project? Well you are not alone then as we at MAM would probably welcome such news as well. At this moment here’s wishing all of you a very Happy April Fools Day Ha Ha Ha!!!

P.S- The whole post is intended only as a  April Fools Day joke and not to be taken seriously.