Breaking News: RGV and Aamir Khan to Join Hands for a Biopic on Narendra Modi,Mann Ki Baat

While the quality of most of his recent releases might be debatable, there is no doubt about Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV‘s ability to stay in the news. He is also someone who is quick to realize the potential in a topic that could be of relevance for a feature film. A recent example being his revelation on Twitter in terms of his intent to make a film on Sasikala, after all the controversial happenings in Tamil Nadu politics following the passing away of the former CM, J.Jayalalitha. But this latest news beats everything else in terms of whatever he has done so far. As per informed sources from his production house, RGV is now planning to announce a biopic on none other than Narendra Modi. Tentatively titled “Mann Ki Baat”, what is even more surprising is that RGV is already in talks with Aamir Khan to play the lead role of India’s PM. As we all might remember, RGV and Aamir Khan had earlier collaborated on Rangeela. While the film did turn out to be a commercial success, they had almost sworn not to work together again.This makes the news appear even more interesting and the project will soon be the most talked about film over the next few months for sure.

It is also being learnt that RGV has already reached out to PM Narendra Modi and expressed his desire to make the film. However it is also more or less clear that it would be the filmmaker’s interpretation of Narendra Modi’s life story and that there wouldn’t be any political interference whatsoever with respect to the making of the film. One would remember that after the release of Dangal RGV was quite impressed by the film as well as Aamir’s performance, making sure to let his thoughts be known openly via Twitter. Perhaps that could have been the trigger which led to eventually the two mavericks to combine for Mann Ki Baat. The film is likely to be jointly produced by RGV and Aamir Khan through their respective production houses, Company and Aamir Khan Productions. A formal announcement of the project is likely to happen later this month as well.

On managing to reach out to RGV with great difficulty we realized that his sense of humour continues to shine as always. In a reply to our query about Maan Ki Baat, he neither denied the news nor agreed to it initially, pretending instead to talk between the lines. This is what he had to say in fact “leaving aside my personal opinion on Mr.Narendra Modi,I would be a fool if I would not accept that he has gone on to create a huge impression on Indians across the country as well as those living outside. One may or may not agree with his style of working but it’s hard to deny his impact on several aspects. As a filmmaker I am always excited by challenges and needless to say working with a perfectionist like Aamir Khan will always be a challenge. And making a film on someone like Narendra Modi makes it even more challenging….”.

Now doesn’t this increase our curiosity and make us all look forward to Mann Ki Baat? Well you are not alone then as we at MAM would probably welcome such news as well. At this moment here’s wishing all of you a very Happy April Fool’s Day Ha Ha Ha 😀 !!!

P.S- The whole post is intended only as a April Fool’s Day joke and not to be taken seriously.


  1. tanvi says:

    I think amir khan not suitable for this role.


  2. This is really the best prank on April Fool day did by this site. When I read the news I totally shock because RGV making a biopic on Narendra Modi, it’s really shocking. I know in nowadays Biopic movies are trending on Bollywood Industry. But this is not expected anyone, not a single person thought this. But at the end, this know that it’s an April fool prank. Good one!! If you want to know more news about Bollywood movies & Celebrities go to Bollywood Hungama here –


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