Sherni (2021) Movie Review: Man vs. Wild

Right in the middle of the movie, Nangia, played by Neeraj Kabi, delivers a lecture in a seminar on how development and environment does not go hand in hand. Hence, we should strive for a balance, where both can coexist, exclaims Nangia.

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Newton Movie Review: A Relevant Tale of our Times

Newton is a strong contender to be India’s entry to Oscars, as it has the best festival run and also it is one of the best reviewed Indian films this year. It premiered in Berlin, where it won an award (The CICAE Art Cinema). The North America premiere was in competition at Tribeca. The other festivals it has traveled to include, Hong Kong (Young Cinema award), Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Zurich, etc and counting.Continue reading “Newton Movie Review: A Relevant Tale of our Times”

Newton Wins Jury Prize For Best Film At The 41st Hong Kong Film Festival

 Produced by Manish Mundra and directed by Amit V Masurkar, Newton has won the Jury Prize for the Best Film at the 41st  Hong Kong Film Festival 2017. The film had its Asia Premiere at the festival where it was screened in the Young Cinema Competition category.

The jury awarded the film “For the intelligent and human presentation of a political situation in a country. The film balances the humour, disillusion and – against all odds – a steadfast belief in the meaning of democracy”

Thrilled with the audience and jury response to his film, Director Amit V Masurkar says, “We are delighted to win the Jury Prize at the 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival! It’s one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in Asia and will help us get an audience in that part of the world”. Newton is Amit V Masurkar’s second film after the sleeper hit, Sulemani Keeda in 2014. Continue reading “Newton Wins Jury Prize For Best Film At The 41st Hong Kong Film Festival”

In Conversation with Pitchers Fame Actor Naveen Kasturia: “I don’t try to give a great shot. Rather a sincere shot.”

In this freewheeling chat, actor Naveen Kasturia gave us an insight into his struggles to fame and process as an actor. 

How did the journey in the Industry begin?

I was working after engineering, when I decided to quit job and move to Mumbai to become a director. I never wanted to become an actor. In school, I used to make my own plays and also act in them, so I assumed I could follow a similar path in the film industry, that is make my own films and later act in them as well. I wanted to start as an AD, for which I was gong to different offices. There was an opening in Vishesh films and I happened to be at right place at the right time. I started with assisting Bhatt sahb in Jashn, before I met Dibakar Bannerjee and became his AD in Love Sex aur Dhokha.Continue reading “In Conversation with Pitchers Fame Actor Naveen Kasturia: “I don’t try to give a great shot. Rather a sincere shot.””

Sulemani Keeda (2014) Movie Review: The Lazy Bollywood

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 89 Minutes | Director : Amit Masurkar

There’s a definite understanding of the ways of Bollywood in Amit Masurkar’s “Sulemani Keeda”. In a bar, writers of two different industries – TV and film sit on opposite seats and start calling each other out. The writers trying to make it in the movies, Dulal (Naveen Kasturia) and Mainak (Mayank Tewari) say that writing for TV is shit and the writers who’ve made it in TV ask them what they’ve managed to achieve or even sell trying to make it in the world of movies. One of the men even shows us his VW car key. Life is about this pursuit between making money at the onset or struggling to find a foothold to showcase art, no matter how ungainly and untalented we are. It is for the reason that it emphasizes the struggle to showcase art that Sulemani Keeda becomes dear to some, despite it being as lazy and thin as the term slacker comedy is allowed to be.Continue reading “Sulemani Keeda (2014) Movie Review: The Lazy Bollywood”

Sulemani Keeda: Trailer

Sulemani Keeda Official TrailerDirected by Amit Masurkar, Sulemani Keeda tells the story of  Dulal and Mainak whose dream is to write script for a Bollywood film and are to realise their dream. This film narrates their journey which is coupled with heartbreaks, insanity and dealing with whims and fancies of Bollywood stars and producers amongst other things.

The film stars Naveen Kasturia, Mayank Tewari and Aditi Vasudev in principal roles, besides other actors. Sulemani Keeda which was screened at Mumbai Film Festival 2013 to much applause and acclaim is now set to release theatrically on 28th Nov. 2014 through PVR Director’s Rare.

In the meanwhile , check out the official trailer of the film which looks promising. And do let us know what you think about it.