‘Warriors’ is our fighting spirit: Shayan Italia on his new single

WARRIORS was born out of Covid led downtime and Italia scored this song to fuel courage within his friends and family which has caught international attention.

Released in 200 countries and territories, Shayan Italia’s WARRIORS is proving to be a balm on the sore hearts of people all over the world and especially in India. Millions of views, inspirational cover versions from instrumentals, to memes, to heartfelt choral depictions of courage and hope across short video social media, WARRIORS’ lyrics and uplifting melody makes it hard not to be inspired by the song on first listen alone. It’s a song that the world needs today, a song for every man, woman and child; for every one of our heroes (doctors, policeman, nurses, firefighters, voluntary workers and more) through these trying times and every individual that has sacrificed or lost in this global battle that we stand united against. 

Written, arranged, produced & performed by Shayan Italia, WARRIORS is recorded in next generation 3D audio, featuring an anthemic drum that cuts through and spearheaded by an edgy dynamic grand piano performance. The ensemble of vocals adds to Shayan Italia’s smooth dreamy vocals as icing on the cake making this song perfect for repeat listening. 

A four-octave range vocalist, Shayan Italia is a global award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist and musician who started writing songs after losing his Mum at a young age to Cancer on 21st April 1998. He hit gold in 2018 with his heartfelt rendition of the Indian National Anthem (https://youtu.be/YNpqyL3Z_6A) that went on to become the most viewed national anthem of any country worldwide ever.  He was named “Global Indian Of The Year” for this contribution to his birth country, India.

“I did not compose WARRIORS with any intention and motive. It just came to me naturally. Locked up in my apartment and scrolling to news, looking at zillions of people struggling to survive. As we enter the second wave of Covid where this struggle has expanded ten times over, there is death and destruction all over, I believe we need to muster up our strength. Courage is the need of the hour. It is as important as Oxygen. Yes we need Oxygen! But we need our fighting spirit back. We can’t back down. India is at the centre of the world’s attention now, and we are going through a lot and I’m sure we will come out of this crisis too. In my own little way, I’m trying to encourage people. WARRIORS perhaps can be our anthem or war cry”, says Shayan Italia. 

He added, “I don’t make music for a living. I live to make music. It is the wind below my wings and the air that I breathe, which is why I can never imagine turning this into a commercial endeavour. If my song makes money I will distribute it amongst those who need it. I’m a Zoroastrian Parsi and that is the only way I’m taught to live. It’s hard to imagine we are exactly where we were a year ago, contained in our homes with most people’s dreams put on hold yet again, against our battle with COVID. Many people’s livelihoods were wrecked if not destroyed in 2020. While the next stage of vaccinations are on the way, a new strain has hit and hit hard putting many out of business and looking to their Governments for aid. People have lost faith in the country’s infrastructure to support them and the message of hope, coming together and rising up to this enormous challenge seems to be getting lost leaving most with a glimmer of hope. I believe “WARRIORS” is an empowering song that makes you stand for something more than yourself.”

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