On the Experience of working on the ‘Hello Mini’ Season 3 and More: Actor Vikrant Koul Speaks

Actor Vikrant Koul who we have seen in prominent roles in movies like Gold and Darbar and cameos in movies like Fan and Mardaani, is currently basking in glory of his new show Hello Mini 3. The actor plays one of the primary roles of Argho Chowdhary in the series and has an interesting track with the female lead, Anuja Joshi.  In a recent conversation with us Vikrant Koul spoke on his experience of working in Hello Mini 3 and a lot more. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

Tell us something about your character in the series? How did you prepare for it?
I play one of the primary roles of Argho Chowdhary in the series and have an interesting track with the female lead, Anuja Joshi. Playing Argho was immensely satisfying. From the briefing stage itself, I knew that he had shades of black and white throughout the season, and as an audience, it will be hard to gauge which side of him you want to trust, because the character arc is so well defined, keeping the suspense element intact. It was challenging to prepare for the part and a lot of fun too. Prep included reading the script for the entire Season 2 first and of course season 3, because there is a lot of backstory that I needed to know ; trying to understand the intention of the character at various plot points in the show, that helped me tap into the correct truthful emotions at the time of filming ; getting the body language right . It was a lot of fun, yet very enriching.

Can you tell us how the journey as an actor has been for a decade?
Yes it’s been a few years but the journey is still on and it will always be on till the time you give your last shot or your last exit on the stage. But yes it has come with its share of ups and downs, a few moments of personal achievements, small or big doesn’t not matter. They always count in the larger scheme of things. This ofcourse means working with some of the most brilliant minds and creators of our industry. And then some struggles, professional, personal and monetary. but I guess all of this is a part of the deal, name of the game as they say. But for me the journey from here has only begun and it will only get exciting and more adventurous. That’s all I know for sure!

How do you find the web space? How much has the scope for actors like you increased?
Web space has been a huge blessing for all the actors, directors, writers who otherwise would be struggling to get opportunities. In the last 5 years that the web space and OTT scene has exploded in the country, it has been nothing short of a new lease of life and for actors like me again, it is a very liberating space to be in and to find your voice, specially with the advent of so many platforms, the scope of stories has broadened and a lot of filmmakers and producers want to tell those stories which is resulting in some fantastic work. And it is no surprise that every genre has found its own audience because there is content for every taste and sensibility. For an actor it is a very exciting time to be working.

Any director or actor you wish to work with?
Needless to say that there are so many of them, but for the sake of naming one, Director- Zoya Akhtar, Actor- Naseeruddin Shah

How was it working with Anuja Joshi?
It was an amazing experience working with Anuja, she knows what she is required to bring to the table, she has been playing this character for 3 seasons now and she comes across as a seasoned, hard working actor.

What are your upcoming projects?
I just worked on this Amazon Prime’s original series- It’s called Fallen. It’s with Excel entertainment and Tiger Baby, and I am working again with Reema Kagti,  and since it’s an eight-episode season one, it’s being directed by two different directors,  Reema and Ruchika Oberoi. Next up is an anthology with Alt Balaji and I hope to start sometime next month.
I’m a Voiceover and a Dubbing artist as well, for commercials and documentaries, something that I enjoy doing.  I have taken up writing as well in the past year and I am developing a couple of podcasts with Saregama.-

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