Trailer Of Shankar Raman’s Gurgaon

National Award winning cinematographer Shankar Raman (Harud, Peepli Live) makes his directorial debut with GurgaonThe film is produced by Ajay G. Rai and Alan McAlex of JAR Pictures along with Madhukar R. Musle of M.R. Filmworks, Nisha N. Sujan of Hashtag Film Studios and Abbas Ali Rattansi

Gurgaon is the story of Kehri Singh (Pankaj Tripathi), a real estate baron and his family which includes his son Nikki Singh (Akshay Oberoi). Nikki Singh, is often side-lined by his father who considers his son as brash and insolent, who only brings bad luck. Driven by his need to pay off a large debt to a local bookie, Nikki sets off a chain of events which force his father to confront his long buried past.

Besides Tripathi and Oberoi, the film also stars Ragini Khanna, Shalini Vatsa and Aamir Bashir. The film is written by Yogi Singha, while Shankar Raman has co-written the screenplay with Sourabh Ratnu. The film is shot and edited by Vivek Shah and Shan Mohammed and the dialogues are written by Vipin Bhati.

Gurgaon which won the Prasad DI award at NFDC Film Bazaar is scheduled to release on 4th August in India. Meanwhile, take a look at the film’s official trailer and let us know your views on it.


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