Trailer Of Shankar Raman’s Gurgaon

National Award winning cinematographer Shankar Raman (Harud, Peepli Live) makes his directorial debut with GurgaonThe film is produced by Ajay G. Rai and Alan McAlex of JAR Pictures along with Madhukar R. Musle of M.R. Filmworks, Nisha N. Sujan of Hashtag Film Studios and Abbas Ali RattansiContinue reading “Trailer Of Shankar Raman’s Gurgaon”

PickUrFlick Indie Film Festival’s First Delhi Edition To Begin From 19th May

The first edition of PickUrFlick Indie Film Festival founded by Abhishek Sinha will be held at Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi from 19th to 21st May, 2017. The opening ceremony will be inaugurated by the Mr. Carlos Varona Narvion (Director, Instituto Cervantes). 

This edition will screen 70 films over 4 categories in more than 10 languages. 52 shorts, 7 features, 8 Animations and 3 documentaries spread over 23 Spanish films, 14 Silent Films, 7 Hindi Films, 4 Bengali Films, Assamese, Nepali, Persian, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Kurdish film. The Spotlight Country for this edition is Spain with a special focus on Spanish/Latin American films.

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Aamir Khan Decoded Part III: The Resilient Parasite called Oscar

Note- Aamir Khan Decoded is a 6-part series encompassing the Bollywood superstar’s journey in the last thirty years through different phases of being a heartthrob, a method actor, an Oscar hunter, a media contributor and a money-maker.Part I of the series is here and Part II is here.

“There are certain rules and regulations to be followed while making a Bollywood film. Such as (1) it cannot be a period drama, (2) the protagonist cannot be in orthodox attire, (3) it cannot be based on any sport, (4) especially cricket.” The ache and hardship was palpable as Ashutosh Gowariker put it in so many words in the opening scene of ‘Chale Chalo: The Making of Lagaan’. No Bollywood fan is unaware of that 90 minute cricket match flickering on celluloid in what later turned out to be an Oscar nomination in the Foreign Language Category, Lagaan (2001, Tax), that broke all of the Bollywood norms and put Gowariker, writer-director, in the list of leading filmmakers of the new millennium. Gowariker had recited his passionate screenplay to multiple producers for a rejection, except one, Aamir Khan (AK). The documentary is a must see for the journey that AK and Gowariker and rest of the crew embarked on.Continue reading “Aamir Khan Decoded Part III: The Resilient Parasite called Oscar”