South Indian Bank launches TV commercial to promote breakthrough safety feature in mobile app

South Indian Bank has launched a TV commercial to promote the Digital E-lock facility in the bank’s mobile app called SIB Mirror Plus.

Conceptualized and produced by Blackswan India and directed by Pradeep Menon (co-founder, Blackswan India), the commercial is on air in leading channels.

Digital E-lock is a revolutionary feature that lets South Indian Bank’s customers lock and unlock their accounts at the touch of a finger. Once the account is locked, all digital debit transactions will be blocked. ATM, PoS, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking transactions can be protected with Digital E-lock.

The film follows the conversations between a prudent father and his college-going son. The father is a no-nonsense man, very serious about the safety of his family. He reminds his wife to turn of the burner of the gas stove and his son to not to forget to lock his bike. The son playfully asks his father whether he has locked his bank account. He goes on to explain about the Digital E-lock feature on South Indian Bank’s SIB Mirror Plus app and how accounts with SIB can be safeguarded against frauds at the touch of a finger.

Bank customers are increasingly concerned about the safety aspect, thanks to the rise in banking fraud cases. South Indian Bank’s new TVC addresses this issue and makes them aware of the revolutionary feature in the app in a layman’s language.

“South Indian Bank wanted us to come up with a cost-effective TV commercial that drives home the E-lock feature in their app in a way that anyone with a smart phone can relate to”, said Raman P Namboothiri, Chief Executive Officer of Blackswan India.


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