Hero Talkies 24 Hour Talk Marathon on Anti-Piracy-#ShootThePirates

‘Hero Talkies’ are conducting a 24 hour live non stop marathon campaign against piracy titled #ShootThePirates starting this noon. This campaign is conducted at Prasad lab. Producers Dhananyeyan, J Sathish kumar and Mr.Sanjay Wadwa of AP Internationals attended the event and kick started the proceedings.The campaign started at 12 noon today and will end at 12 noon tomorrow.

”We started Hero Talkies 3 years ago and many did not understand what is it and who we are. Piracy issues gave birth to our organisation. When we could not get the tickets to watch ‘Thuppakki’ , so we watched it through a torrent. This made us feel really bad and guilty. We also felt there would be many who will feel like us. After this we went and met few producers regarding this. ‘Arima Nambi’ was the first movie that we released in Hero Talkies.Though the number of paying watchers were less initially, it grew and now we have 50 thousand subscribers spread across 83 countries watching movies in Hero Talkies. Public might think that the guys who leak the movies online are Robin Hoods but they must realize the hardships and struggles everyone goes through to make a movie and bring it out” said Hero Talkies co founder Mr.Pradeep.
”Producers cannot be without releasing the movies because of Piracy. There is a belief that piracy is happening only because movies are released abroad first but there are many instances where movies were released in our regional state first but still got pirated. Tamil and Hindi movie industry are the two industries which are affected the most by piracy. There is no piracy in Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu film industry. Here in Tamil industry we act only during a movie’s release and this is not enough. 
Only 4 crore people have watched the super hit  DANGAL which collected over 500 crores. More than 16 crore people have watched that movie in the illegal platforms. This is a huge loss. Tamil cinema will flourish only when everyone watches the movie in the theatres or or through legal online websites. State goverment and Central goverment should join hands to eradicate piracy” said producer Mr. Dhananjeyan.
”This is a very good initiative by Hero Talkies. It is believed that movies are being pirated from abroad shows so only we decided to release our movie ‘Nalu Policum Nalla Irundha Ooru’ in Tamilnadu first but it still got pirated from Thirunelveli in the first show itself. To curb piracy we just have to find out from where it is originating. We would like to know more useful informations and details from you guys ‘‘ said J Sathish Kumar.
” Not just in Tamil cinema, piracy is there everywhere. There is no proper awareness among the audience and they do not understand that it is a crime. This marathon’s aim is to make them realize this. People can watch this marathon live in Facebook, Youtube and in Hero talkies website” said Hero Talkies’s marketing head Jagan.
”We decided to organize an awareness campaign against piracy. We feel we are qualified enough to do such an campaign and marathon” said Hero Talkies co founder Aadhi. He also released slogans against piracy. The host of this marathon is RJ Vignesh.

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