Super Bheem’s Third instalment of television film is due for Summer 2017 on Pogo

After the success of the first two TV films, ‘Main Hun Super Bheem’ and ‘Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahani’, Super Bheem is gearing up for presenting the third television movie on Pogo in October 2017. The makers of Chhota Bheem, Green Gold Animation has come up with a spin off to their star character ‘Chhota Bheem’ titled as ‘Super Bheem’. It sees Bheem and his friends in a freshly churned 3D animation format through a series of TV films based on the newly designed titular character of ‘Super Bheem’.

Super Bheem- The character was launched on 1st, May on Bheem’s Birthday through a special promotional song where Bheem is seen in a new get up, flaunting breeches and a belted cape of maroon and saffron colour scheme, singing along with his friends in Dholakpur and cutting his Birthday cake.

Talking about the character, Rajiv Chilaka, the creator of Chhota Bheem stated, “We have been toiling with the idea of expanding Bheem’s capabilities and giving him an extra edge over a new breed of far more menacing villains. During the course of our theatrical releases we felt that the Bheem on TV needed the spunk of the Bheem on 70 mm. It was a germ of an idea but television viewing follows an entirely different pattern and to cater to this we needed the aid of a spin off to showcase a far more powerful Bheem and unchartered terrains”.

With the launch of Super Bheem, Green Gold firms up its relationship with Pogo through TV films on the newly launched avatar of Bheem- Super Bheem. According to week 34, Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) data, Super Bheem – Trayodash Ki Kahani secured third spot, scoring 620 impressions (000s) bringing in the newly developed character, Super Bheem to the top five programs in kids category. Directed by Krishna Mohan, both the films were of 90 mins duration in Hindi language, capturing a magical world.

Super Bheem on Pogo is positioned to take the Chhota Bheem franchise to the next level, offering the young fans an enjoyable experience – the two features of Super Bheem have been well received by our audience. We are looking forward to a continued collaboration with Green Gold and are excited about Bheem’s new avatar,” says Krishna Desai, Executive Director & Network Head-Kids, South Asia, Turner International India Pvt. Ltd

‘Main Hoon Super Bheem’, sees Bheem and his friends taking a ride with Sky Dragon to the magical realm of Saamantar where they befriend Baboks, the people of the kingdom who protect the ‘Jadooi Jantar.’ But the Evil Hokum has a different plan in mind and threatens to acquire the Jantar for destruction. Hokum approaches with anger and spells when Super Bheem and team gear up to take him down along with his minion Barooda. While in ‘Super Bheem Aur Trayodash Ki Kahani, Super Bheem and his gang of friends decide to fight against the evil prince of Zahola and his Black Horse.

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