Super Bheem’s super surprise this Monday,1st May on Pogo

Super Bheem, a weekly TV series on Pogo, is coming with a twist for the kids this Monday, 1st May, 2017. Pogo and Green Gold Animation wanted to keep the time of the telecast a secret for the kids to create a surprise for them.Continue reading “Super Bheem’s super surprise this Monday,1st May on Pogo”

Super Bheem’s Third instalment of television film is due for Summer 2017 on Pogo

After the success of the first two TV films, ‘Main Hun Super Bheem’ and ‘Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahani’, Super Bheem is gearing up for presenting the third television movie on Pogo in October 2017. The makers of Chhota Bheem, Green Gold Animation has come up with a spin off to their star character ‘Chhota Bheem’ titled as ‘Super Bheem’. It sees Bheem and his friends in a freshly churned 3D animation format through a series of TV films based on the newly designed titular character of ‘Super Bheem’.Continue reading “Super Bheem’s Third instalment of television film is due for Summer 2017 on Pogo”

POGO and Graphic India presents ‘Sholay Adventures’

POGO, Graphic India and Sholay Media and Entertainment have announced that they will bring “Sholay Adventures,” an animated reinvention of the beloved classic, to the small screen. The first movie in the series will premiere on POGO on Monday, January 26th at 12pm.

Sholay Adventures will be the first of four television animation films that introduce Jai and Veeru in new and mischievous kid avatars. Parents will remember the enduring qualities of friendship and loyalty from the original film, while kids will experience heroes like Jai and Veeru for the very first time. Sholay Adventures will bring together two generations in a new fun adventure.Continue reading “POGO and Graphic India presents ‘Sholay Adventures’”