The Harry Potter Series inspired me to become an actor: In Conversation with Model & Actor Medha Rana

Model turned actor Medha Rana has been noticed of late for her presence in the music video, Armaan Malik: Barsaat and the web-series London Files (streaming on Voot). We at MAM caught up with Medha for a brief conversation about her career so far, given below is an excerpt from the same-

As you always wanted to be an Actor and now that your big project is out, how does it feel like?

To be very honest, I’ve always wanted to act and I guess in many ways I’ve also always manifested it ever since I was a kid. So naturally I feel on top of the world and grateful to the universe at the same time. However, I constantly remind myself that one of the key purposes for me to become an actor was to be able to leverage this platform and make a difference. So now I’m actively manifesting opportunities for roles that would enable me to do so. I owe it to the people who’ve been a part of this journey, especially my parents with whom I watched it twice, and honestly it feels surreal to see myself on a screen. It’s definitely given me an amazing kick start and now I want to be unstoppable.

Did you go through any prior training you for this role?

I did not take any specific training for this role. I have however taken formal training in acting from different teachers.

Did you face any difficulties while playing this role? If yes, how did you manage to overcome it?

Though It was quite a ride finding Maya, she possesses certain characteristics such as being rebellious, righteous and compassionate which I embody in my personal life. Having said that, Maya has a very interesting graph in the show, she internally goes through a rollercoaster of emotions as a realization to seeing the dichotomy of life and how her privilege has always kept her aloof from the world.
To truly do justice to what she stood for as a character was a complex process for me. Constant practice, meditating on her , and constant feedback from Sachin Sir and Prateek Payodhi the writer of the show is probably what did the trick.

What inspired you to become an actor?

Harry Potter. The book itself is such a fantastic piece of magical realism but when I saw the film, it blew my mind how the actors could make that magical world feel so ‘real’. And that’s what inspired me to be an actor who could do something like that.

Are there any specific directors with whom you want to work with?

Well I wish to work with Mira Nair, Zoya Akhtar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Hirani. And one day with Damien Chazelle, Quintin Tarantino and so many others.

Are there any particular roles that you would like to play in the future?

I am open so long as it is meaningful and enables me to explore the subtle nuances of human behaviour and expressions.

You started off as a model, so tell us something about your modelling career

I started my modelling career with Prasad Bidapa in Bangalore when I was all of 16 and since then have walked for almost all Fashion weeks in the country including Lakme Fashion week. I have also been a face for leading designers including Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Payal Singhal and many more. I have done TVCs for brands like Cadbury, Nescafe, , Samsung, Tresemme and Netflix. However I always eventually wanted to get into acting, modelling gave me a good start.

Here’s wishing Medha all the very best for her forthcoming projects.

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