On ‘Warriors’ and More: Shayan Italia in a Candid Mood

Singer-song writer Shayan Italia’s latest single, Warriors has been well received by people so far, being noticed for its theme, music and lyrics. In a recent conversation with us Shayan spoke to us about his experience on coming up with Warriors and a few other things. Here’s an excerpt from that conversation-

What inspired you to make the song ‘WARRIORS’ ?

We are living in incredibly uncertain and unpredictable times. People have lost their lives, livelihoods, loved ones to this battle and hope is the order of the day for a better tomorrow. WARRIORS represents that hope, that solace to music where the troubles of one becomes silent, even just for a moment, and a sense of hope and courage is restored. What’s humbling is the amount of great covers that people have been sending me of the song WARRIORS which I am slowly featuring one-by-one on my new YouTube channel.

How did you come up with creating the ‘Power of Love’ choir during the lockdown? What response did you receive from the audience?

“Power Of Love” was created in the initial part of the lockdown last year when most had nothing to do. So people from the Zoroastrian Parsi community came together with me and we created this rendition. The choir happened as a natural extension of the recording. Everyone loved the version from what I can remember and it truly went “viral” within the Zoroastrian community worldwide. To be honest, everyone was phoning Delraaz and her family congratulating and applauding her (my fellow partner in crime on the song) – no one phoned me! Ha ha.

The Hindi film industry’s music is now recognised and followed all over the world. What is your take on Bollywood music? Are you planning to join ?

Music is so very subjective, so very personal that you just don’t know what appeals and where. Bollywood is a massive industry and its reach is enormous. I’m glad people all across the world are appreciating what this industry has to offer. For the moment I have no plans to be part of Bollywood, but, to be honest, it’s in very good hands with a large pool of talent currently the way it is. It hardly needs Shayan Italia.

You wrote the lyrics, composed and sung your latest song WARRIORS… So One Man Army is it?

The truth is, we’re in lockdown, so it’s not like I can walk into a fancy recording studio and cut the track with a plethora of musicians at my disposal. We all have to make do with the tools of the trade that we have at our disposal and hope for the best. WARRIORS is incredibly empowering and there is a sense of honesty that has been captured within the track that seems to appeal to people. It’s still very early days. Let’s see how far we can take it. Slow and steady wins the race!

A Health App after this? How did this change in fields occur?

My two passions are Wellness and Music. These two things I’ve been doing for a long time, without any badge of “success” or “money” attached to it. So, I’m probably going to be doing these two things for a while in the future too. My flagship wellness app focuses on Intermittent Fasting (my personal lifestyle of wellness) and launches soon. This is something I’m truly excited about and I hope it will change a lot of lives for the better.

WARRIORS – Shayan Italia
8M YouTube | 55M TikTok | 100K Spotify | 20 Radio Stations Australia till date

Warriors by Shayan Italia is streaming now in 200 countries including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Shazam, Instagram, Facebook , TikTok, Resso , Snapchat, YouTube, Music, Amazon , Soundtrack by Twitch , Pandora , Deezer , Tidal , iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica , Saavn , Boomplay (beta) and more…

Check out Warriors-

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