In Conversation with Dipannita Sharma: I Still Feel I Have a Long Way to Go

Popular model and actress Dipannita Sharma maybe a tad selective with her work but has nevertheless made an impact with her choice of roles in films that include 16 December, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, My Brother Nikhil, Ladies vs Ricky Bahl etc. She has now returned to her roots in a way, with her entry into Assamese cinema with Bidyut Kotoky’s Xhoixobote Dhemalite/Rainbow Fields. Here in a chat with MAM she talks about her work in Rainbow Fields and more.


What drew you towards this film?

The film’s subject was the most important when it came to my decision to do the film. It’s a subject which most of us at a certain period in Assam grew up in the knowledge of… of course, also the fact that I hadn’t ever played a character like this or looked like this in any film.

The film is set in 80s Assam and deals with a pressing issue. Do you think 30 years later things have still not changed much in the country? 

Well it’ll be unfair to say that things haven’t changed. They of course have , but we talk about pressing issues, they remain . It was some other issue then, it’s something else now . The most important thing is to not overlook these issues & work towards solving them at the root. We shouldn’t wait for things to happen on its own. As the saying goes ‘if you do nothing you get nothing’.

How was it working with Bidyut?

It was a happy experience working with Bidyut. He is a focused & passionate filmmaker. Most importantly he lives & believes in the subject…that’s what translates on screen.  

Do you think the mainstream Hindi film audience is slowly warming up to regional cinema as well?

I think audiences across the country have become more receptive & are watching more different kinds of cinema. Although, there is a long way to go I feel regional cinema is slowly getting its due & also getting wider release & recognition.

How do you pick your roles?

I like to be as real as I can while picking my roles. I don’t think too much, just follow my gut but yes a character that I haven’t played before or good content or both always catches my attention. 

Looking back, which are the few films in your career you will always be proud of?

Honestly, I feel I still have a long way to go. Maybe I can answer that question in a couple of years  but up until now I am very happy about being part of all the feature films I have done & feel very lucky to have been part of them.

Do you plan to venture into production or direction in the future?

Well, there is something brewing on that front but it might be more on the production front than direction.

Finally, why would you want the audience to watch this film?

It’s a story with a universal appeal. Innocence & grim reality co-exist in the film (much like in real life ) .That for me is its biggest draw.

We at Madaboutmoviez wish Dipannita and the entire team of Rainbow Fields all the very best for a successful release.

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