“Capturar A Story”: A Short Film Competition for Young Film Aficionados

SVKM Culturama 5 presents “Capturar A Story” a short film competition for all you young film aficionados (14-19 years) all over India. The event is mentored by Ms Oorvazi Irani who is a notable and proficient filmmaker and film educationalist.

Afternoon DC newspaper is our Media Partner and Pocket Films is our Online Film Distribution Partner  

SVKM Culturama is a International school festival inviting schools all over India, including 70 schools in Mumbai from various international boards – IB, A levels, IGCSE and also ICSE (8th to 12th standards) 

becoming-18-short-film-competitionShort Film Competition

Topic: “Becoming 18”

Online Submission

Duration: 5 minutes

Submission Deadline: 26 January 2017, 11 pm

Contact: Timiha Kunj 9819392213        kunjtimiha@gmail.com

Rules and Registration link: www.svkmculturama.com/film 

Watch this video to know more about the competition-

About the Topic:  

18 is a monumental age that represents the transformation and first steps into adulthood. 18 is a year that teenagers anticipate and one that adults recall nostalgically. Its an odd age as one part of you is still a child, naïve and hopeful and in another is a mature and wise youth welcoming themselves into a new world.


The winning film will be judged by a panel of 3 eminent judges and the winner will be declared on the 29th of January.

Our Film Online Distribution Partner “Pockets Films” will feature selected films on their online channel (subject to basic distribution terms and conditions).

3 winners will be provided a special Filmmaking Workshop by our mentor Ms Oorvazi Irani and the first prize will be provided additional special mentoring sessions to make their next short film.

Here’s what Oorvazi Irani has to say regarding the contest “I feel the age group of filmmakers 14-19 is largely neglected and is in need of a special kind of mentoring and being a filmmaker and film educationalist I am very happy to head this initiative to nurture young talent”.

oorvazi-iraniAbout Ms. Oorvazi Irani

Oorvazi Irani is a multifaceted personality, she is the Director of her film and media production company SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd.(Inc. 1975) and has worked on many international projects with her company in the Indian and European markets. She is also an independent filmmaker, her recent work being “The Path of Zarathustra” (2015). She is also a film educationalist and is an IB examiner as well. Oorvazi has introduced the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique in India with her DVD. You can check out her articles on MAM here.

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