Wonder Woman Movie Review: ‘Amazon’ Grace!

A plane comes crashing into the seas and a princess jumps in to the save the drowning pilot from his doom. That, my friends, is Wonder Woman taking the plunge to save Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe after the misfires it have churned out post Dark Knight Rises. Sure, it was a job for Superman. Or maybe Batman. Or even Joker perhaps. But who would have thought it would eventually take the much ignored yet most popular female superhero to come and set things right for the DC movie franchiseContinue reading “Wonder Woman Movie Review: ‘Amazon’ Grace!”

Justice League: Trailer

 Post the tepid response received by Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Warner Bros is ready with the Justice League movie. A collective of the most popular heroes of the DC Comics franchise, Justice League is the feature film adaptation of the popular franchise and is directed yet again by Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman).Continue reading “Justice League: Trailer”

Watch the international action sensation‘300-Rise of an Empire’ on Blu-ray & DVD

‘Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC’ releases the biggest action sequel of the year, 300-Rise of an Empire, on Blu-ray and DVD. Watch this action driven war flick that stars Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey and Rodrigo Santoro in high definition to enjoy the visual extravaganza.In addition to the film, the Blu-ray also offers various exclusive bonus features that will further add to the excitement of the viewers. Listed below are bonus features available on Blu-ray that are a must watch for movie lovers.

 Feature 1:Behind the scenes:Four Focus Point-style featurettes kick things off with a talking-heads overview of the sequel’s production, from Frank Miller’s initial pitch to producer Zack Snyder to the merging of performance, visual effects and bloody brutality. Segments include 3 Days in Hell, Brutal Artistry, A New Breed of Hero and Taking the Battle to Sea.Continue reading “Watch the international action sensation‘300-Rise of an Empire’ on Blu-ray & DVD”

Win Free DVD’S of 300 Rise of An Empire

Mad About Moviez (MAM) and Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC bring to you 300 Rise of An Empire  Contest, wherein you can a win DVD of the film..Here are the details of the contest.

Continue reading “Win Free DVD’S of 300 Rise of An Empire”

300 Rise of An Empire Movie Review: All About Eva!

Cast:  Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Rodrigo Santoro

Directed by Noam Murro

Screenplay by Zack Snyder and Kurt Johnstad

Studio:  Warner Bros.

300 Rise of an Empire Poster300, when released back in 2007, managed to do something special that the low-brow actioners of the 80s used to once achieve. It managed to get the audience to laugh with it rather than laugh at it like the critics had predicted initially. Cheesy dialogues, over the top yet highly stylized action sequences, six-pack abs piling up onscreen, all coming together in a testosterone fueled orgy of violence. Yet, it managed to wow audience thanks to its unique visual style which threw the viewer right inside the panels of a comic book. Over the years it still remain popular thanks to the countless memes and parodies that it has spawned on the social media, and not to mention the iconic line – This is Sparta!!Continue reading “300 Rise of An Empire Movie Review: All About Eva!”

300: Rise of an Empire Movie Review: The God’s must be crazy

Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) is a fascinating character. Tall, handsome, glimmering in gold and a swagger in his walk; Leonidas(Gerard Butler) leaves this King of God scarred on his face with a spear hurled at him during the concluding reels of 300. He has his own back story here. His transformation from a mere mortal to a man who is vicious and evil; Xerxes has a grand IMAX moment where he greets his followers from above the palace. And even though it is supposed to be based on a yet to be published graphic novel by Frank Miller, he is hardly there and maybe the makers missed a trick or two. They should have made an entire film on him.

A 2007 film, 300 was an interesting watch and has a good amount of followers mainly because of a strong lead and his quest to achieve the impossible. The imposition of chroma key technique by saturating the images to give a more comic book effect was visually spectacular and to accompany it was a cool soundtrack which had a heady effect for fans that vouch for style in cinema.

300: Rise of an Empire follows the event around the earlier version and replicates the entire ploy from its predecessor but fails with terrible effect to the point of nausea.Continue reading “300: Rise of an Empire Movie Review: The God’s must be crazy”

In Conversation with Zack Snyder, Director of Man Of Steel

Superman making his debut in Action Comics No....

No one needs any introduction about Zack Snyder, director of films like 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch and of course most recently Man of Steel.

Here is Zack Snyder talking exclusively about Superman and Man of Steel.

What is it about Superman that has kept him relevant for 75 years?

He is the first and most powerful and most cleanly mythological superhero.  He can fly. He’s got super strength.  He wasn’t turned out in a laboratory accident or anything weird like that.  It’s like he’s a native superhero, you know.  A lot of those superheroes had to buy their superheroeness.  They had to build a suit or get bit by a spider or something like that where Superman is like, “No, that’s just how it works. This is how I am.  I wish I wasn’t Superman, but I am, so it’s pretty cool.” 

What does it mean for you to be directing the film? 

I love the character and I love the world building concepts of making, creating this giant universe.  It’s really fun to have gotten to this point where people can just enjoy it and spend 2 hours and 20 minutes in the world of Superman. It’s fun for me to let the movie loose like that.Continue reading “In Conversation with Zack Snyder, Director of Man Of Steel”

Man of Steel(2013) Imax 3D: Movie Review

Hollywood Studios seem to have found a formula to mint money, which is to make movies based on comic book superheroes. In the past, Hollywood had produced many Superhero movies, but the success of Spider-Man changed the way Hollywood looks at these films. Suddenly Hollywood realized wasting time in creating new action blockbusters is futile, when they can just use comic book characters which already have huge fan base and audiences who will readily shell out money to watch this.Continue reading “Man of Steel(2013) Imax 3D: Movie Review”

Superman-Man of Steel Teaser

After the debacle called Superman Returns by Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects, X-Men) the franchise was in dire need of a reboot. And who better to resurrect it than Christopher Nolan who is currently in great form. So, in comes Superman- Man Of Steel.Continue reading “Superman-Man of Steel Teaser”