Dunkirk (2017) Movie Review: Technical Mastery Triumphs Over Content?

Directed and written by: Christopher Nolan

Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles and Fionn WhiteheadContinue reading “Dunkirk (2017) Movie Review: Technical Mastery Triumphs Over Content?”

Allied (2016) Movie Review: The Spy Who Loved Me?

Sometimes one may have the fortune of being together with the girl/boy of one’s dreams and yet be able to do nothing about it. Maybe work/call of duty could be the villain over here, or perhaps even fate or both. Imagine if you were to go through such a phase yourself and strangely find yourself feeling elated later when fate itself provides you an opportunity to express your love and it’s reciprocated as well. That would feel wonderful is it not? The moments that follow would certainly be nothing less than the sweetest of your dreams and time would assume to have just frozen, even as you and your beloved find yourselves lost in the throngs of love. With all this happening and with things looking too good to be true, what if some dark clouds were to float around the two of you, catching you both completely unaware. Even as you are still settling into this lovely new phase in your life if some doubts were to creep in for no fault of yours and yet casting some aspersions on the relationship, would it not be a major blow? How would one go on to deal with the same in this case?Continue reading “Allied (2016) Movie Review: The Spy Who Loved Me?”

Trailer and Synopsis of “Memories of a Forgotten War”: A feature-length documentary film on the battles of World War II fought in Northeastern India

Memories of a Forgotten War National Award-winning film critic-turned-filmmaker is a forthcoming documentary film on a very relevant topic, the battles of the 1940’s in the North-East which seem to be now forgotten by most people. The film is produced by Subimal Bhattacharjee,an independent defence, cyber security and high end technology policy issues policy analyst based out of New Delhi and directed by Utpal Borpujari,National Award-winning film critic-turned-filmmaker whose films have been doing the festival circuit of late.


It is a universally known fact the World War II comprehensively changed the geopolitics of the world. Manipur and Nagaland in Northeastern region of India were important frontiers of the World War II in what was more popularly known as the Burma Front. It was in the rough terrain with dense forest in  Manipur and Nagaland that the Allied Army and its Japanese counterpart fought the decisive battles that stopped the Japanese advance into India.Continue reading “Trailer and Synopsis of “Memories of a Forgotten War”: A feature-length documentary film on the battles of World War II fought in Northeastern India”

‘The Judge’ arrives on Blu-ray & DVD from Sony DADC

Take a stand for truth and family when The Judge arrives on Blu-ray & DVD from ‘Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC’, India’s leading home entertainment content provider. This family drama film stars two-time Oscar® nominee Robert Downey Jr. (“Chaplin,” “Tropic Thunder”) and Oscar® winner Robert Duvall (“Tender Mercies,” “Crazy Heart”) alongside Oscar® nominee Vera Farmiga (“Up in the Air,” “The Conjuring”) and Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton (“Sling Blade,” “Friday Night Lights”). “The Judge” was directed by David Dobkin. Robert Duvall has been nominated for the Academy Award for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”.Continue reading “‘The Judge’ arrives on Blu-ray & DVD from Sony DADC”

Fury (2014) Movie Review: Men At War

Language : English | Running Time :  134 Minutes | Director : David Ayer

What a real sad loss it is if Shia LaBeouf indeed doesn’t act anymore. One of the prominent thoughts that I held on to after watching David Ayer’s “Fury” is how tragic it actually is to lose an actor like Shia LaBeouf who makes a bible quoting World War 2 veteran so believable and his fears and faith so touching. The other thing that really struck me is how the post-Saving Private Ryan movies don’t hide the war wounds, the pulping of brains, the shells bursting and breaking skull, the actors bathed in mud, trying to cover ground in rain hit lands of Germany. Saving Private Ryan was certainly a landmark film in how war action got depicted.Continue reading “Fury (2014) Movie Review: Men At War”

‘The Movie Club’ to screen ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ at O15’s Cafe on 22nd June 2014

The Movie Club, a Blu-ray screening initiative by Sony DADC, screens its second film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ on 22nd June 2014 at O15’s Cafe, Andheri (West). Movie lovers can enjoy favourite delicacies along with beverages and revel in cinematic brilliance watching this classic Academy Award winner in high definition.

At the screening movie lovers can catch up on some exciting unseen footage of the movie and avail Flat 40% discount on Blu-rays and DVDs. Movie buffs can also follow the theme of this screening and dress up in their military gear to win exciting movie merchandize.

This screening will be graced by the presence of the Lekar Hum Deewana Dil singer Shweta Pandit of Beqasoor and Khalifa fame. The Movie Club will screen popular Hollywood’s flicks every fortnight. These screenings will be hosted by well known singer, Mihir Joshi.Continue reading “‘The Movie Club’ to screen ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ at O15’s Cafe on 22nd June 2014”

The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: A Tale of Art, World History and Persevering Men

The Monuments Men PosterMankind has always witnessed wars from time immemorial, bringing with it destruction and calamities with varying proportions. The two World Wars in particular over the last century brought about alignments and re-alignments among Nations as they fought for pride and a host of various other reasons. The Second World War (1939-45) affected almost all the Countries directly or indirectly and this was a period which saw not just devastation but also one man’s greed almost endangering the lives of millions of people. While Adolf Hitler’s plans of conquering the World are known to one and all, what’s not that commonly known is the fact that the Nazis under Hitler were also going about plundering art work and monuments across Europe, supposedly to be concentrated in a huge museum in Germany once the war ended. Despite the Nazis ending up on the losing side of the war, they would have succeeded largely in their attempt to plunder and/or destroy art, if not for a bunch of spirited men from the Allied Armies who went on to constitute the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Program (MFAA), also known as Monuments Men.Continue reading “The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: A Tale of Art, World History and Persevering Men”

Lore: Official Trailer

Based on the book ‘ The Dark Room’ by Rachel Seiffert, Lore is a German language film that is set round the 2nd World War.

Synopsis – In spring 1945, with the collapse of the  German army and dominance of the  Allied forces , five children embark on a journey which will challenge every notion we have of family, love and friendship.

Directed by Cate Shortland, Lore has been making the rounds of international film festivals such as Locarno Film festival , where it won the audience award.

Lore is scheduled for a theatrical release in February in U.S and U.K amongst other countries respectively.

Meanwhile , here is the official promo of the film which seems very promising.