Invisible Guest (Contratiempo) Spanish Movie Review: Fit For Bollywood Remake

The days of Bollywood filmmakers blatantly ripping off Hollywood thrillers are slowly fading away. The internet age has meant that their theft can be immediately caught. Though we still have few films that are quite heavily ‘inspired’, most filmmakers have begun to buy official rights of movies to remake them. Spanish thriller Invisible Guest’s rights have been bought by John Abraham to be remade into Hindi. Now, I happened to watch this Netflix movie and realised that John made a smart move as it is fit for a Bollywood remake. No, I don’t mean it as a compliment.Continue reading “Invisible Guest (Contratiempo) Spanish Movie Review: Fit For Bollywood Remake”

Alternate Way of Navigating Jio MAMI 2016

Lets begin with acknowledging what a great line-up this years MAMI has brought to us. There are 175 films to watch. Even if you try to watch as many films as humanly possible, you could only see four films a day. If you are a insane person maybe few days you will end up seeing five. For every film you will watch you will be missing eight other films. See how important that decision is to watch a film? Many of you will follow lists published in the last few days. MFC, Pandolin, MadaboutMoviez. Each of those lists are excellent. But I’m giving you an alternate strategy:  Don’t watch anything that will be available to watch later easily, in theaters, iTunes, streaming. This will likely eliminate more than half the films in the list you made in the last couple of days. It is controversial when I say don’t stand in line for 45 mins to watch Herzog’s Lo and Behold, but I believe that is the smart way to navigate a huge festival like this. Continue reading “Alternate Way of Navigating Jio MAMI 2016”

My Best Of Regional and World Cinema In 2013

Yet another hectic and eventful year at the movies comes to an end. Every year we see films which we love, hate, abhor, feel indifferent towards. And this year has been no indifferent.

As the year draws to an end, every film buff (including yours truly) loves making a compilation of films under various such categories (good films, bad films etc)

As a movie buff this year too was no different.  There were some films, which made for pleasurable viewing while some films induced sheer boredom and made for a rather tedious viewing.  Regional cinema (esp. Tamil and Malayalam films) in my opinion once again reiterated that they are churning out films which are different from the regular fares, yet makes for some good viewing  while being commercially viable .

Besides there were a lot of foreign language films which made all the right noises amongst movie buffs and the film festival circuits.

So here goes my list of best films in the foreign films and regional cinema section.

Too many films and too little time has been the bane of every film buff. As always there were quite a few films I wanted to watch but could not due to various reasons. So in case you do not find a particular favourite of yours mentioned in this list, kindly excuse me. 🙂
Continue reading “My Best Of Regional and World Cinema In 2013”

The Songs of Sparrows: a Face and a Camera

There’s something batshit insane about Majid Majidi’s The Song of Sparrows (my first experience of Majidi). Don’t get me wrong; I love the movie. It is one of the most down-to-earth movies I’ve ever seen, but it has a sort of manic energy you don’t see in American, or Indian or British, cinema. Personally, I hadn’t seen anything like this before. While both (the best of) Bollywood and Kurosawa have a manic energy, there’s nothing else quite like this.Continue reading “The Songs of Sparrows: a Face and a Camera”

Beyond The Hills: A Rant!

This is a rant. Read if you have time. Otherwise skip it.

It was anyway not meant for you if you read and watch things based on their length.

To proceed,

I saw a movie this week. It was called Beyond The Hills.

It didn’t win the ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ Oscar this year. Instead, like we all knew it would, ‘Amour‘ did. I mean it won the Palme d’Or at Cannes already and and that in its self was halfway to O in Oscar. Screw Haneke – this one time, please.Continue reading “Beyond The Hills: A Rant!”

Movies that were literally ‘mind-blowing’

Certain films just leave you dumbfounded. You are left feeling numb. These are films which never lose their charm. No matter how many times you watch them they completely zap you on every count. They reassure or rather increase your love for the movies.  The films discussed below did exactly this to me:

Anurag Kashyap

Black Friday– My love for cinema took root primarily after watching this film. Based on the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993, Black Friday tries to convey how irrational the ‘rationale’ behind the barbaric act was. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, the film can be called a docu-drama and a top class one at that. Continue reading “Movies that were literally ‘mind-blowing’”