Wonder Woman Movie Review: ‘Amazon’ Grace!

A plane comes crashing into the seas and a princess jumps in to the save the drowning pilot from his doom. That, my friends, is Wonder Woman taking the plunge to save Warner Bros. and the DC Extended Universe after the misfires it have churned out post Dark Knight Rises. Sure, it was a job for Superman. Or maybe Batman. Or even Joker perhaps. But who would have thought it would eventually take the much ignored yet most popular female superhero to come and set things right for the DC movie franchiseContinue reading “Wonder Woman Movie Review: ‘Amazon’ Grace!”

Justice League: Trailer

 Post the tepid response received by Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Warner Bros is ready with the Justice League movie. A collective of the most popular heroes of the DC Comics franchise, Justice League is the feature film adaptation of the popular franchise and is directed yet again by Zack Snyder (Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman).Continue reading “Justice League: Trailer”

Fantastic Films of 2016 and What to Find Next Year

Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Superhero movies perhaps could be the one genre that has dominated the year 2016. Though not devoid of duds, the year saw some highly technologically advanced works that lay unparalleled to their predecessors and adding IMAX to the experience, movie going has never been this gratifying.  I feel sorry for the people who missed some of these movies at the theatres, for they are not going to watch it the way best of the cinemas offered.Continue reading “Fantastic Films of 2016 and What to Find Next Year”