Phillauri Movie Review: The High and the Spirits

The trick with mixing up genres is to make sure that the story contains the right mix of the conventional and the subversive. It’s always fascinating to see the supernatural element presented on screen out of the traditional genre of horror and even more interesting when comedic and romantic elements are added into the mix. Therefore, when the promos of Phillauri showed up, promising an amusing tale of a young groom haunted by the spirit of a feisty woman from a different era, one did wonder if Anushka Sharma has something new up her sleeve, or is Phillauri another case of old wine in a new bottle?Continue reading “Phillauri Movie Review: The High and the Spirits”

Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective

Bobby Jasoos PosterBilqis AKA Bobby is arguably the fiercest and most feisty heroine we have had in Hindi cinema in recent times. Yet, Bobby Jasoos, the filmy world she lives in, is so devoid of water tight logic that it never works as a whodunit that it is meant to be.

Bobby is the eldest daughter in a Muslim family living in Mughalpura, Hyderabad. Her father despises her Jasoosi antics while rest of the charcters loathe it yet use her services nonetheless. Bobby’s sleuth career it self is no great shakes with her only big client being Tassawur, a TV journalist with aspirations to rise above “mohalla” life of his who gets Bobby to ward off prospective brides his father looks for him. In comes Kiran Kumar, or Khan Sahab, a mysterious man with butt loads of cash looking for three people. Bobby sets out on finding them but discovers something is not exactly right about the deal. What is wrong with it and how Bobby sets the wrong right is the rest of the story.Continue reading “Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective”

The Colors of Raanjhanaa

*Mild plot-spoilers*

Raanjhanaa-Poster‘Raanjhana’ connects with utmost honesty when the situations are Benares-centric. If there is one thing that can be unequivocally said about this outing from Anand Rai, it is the fine encapsulation of Benares in its hues and colors – saffron, green, and all the other remaining colors of human life untainted by the aforementioned primary religious colors. It is only when these colors shift to the political streets of New Delhi that the film starts to mildly lose its bearing, steam, and of course, the colors.Continue reading “The Colors of Raanjhanaa”