Piku Movie Review: “Bhaskar nahi, Bhaskor!”

Recently, I’ve been playing this game on facebook – in which I say my favourite thing about the people who ask me to. It is lovely, emotionally draining and cathartic. More relevantly, though, it has become a parade of me asking myself, why am I sad I’m not this person? Why can I not even conceivably be this person? And that is usually my favourite thing about that person; this is not an accident – Elementary‘s Sherlock Holmes agrees with me:

one of the things I’ve gained from our collaboration is a working definition of the word “friendship.” Friendship, I’ve come to believe, is most accurately defined as two people moving towards the best aspects of one another.

Not long after I played this game (well, began playing this game; I still have two people left), I was watching Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi’s Piku.Continue reading Piku Movie Review: “Bhaskar nahi, Bhaskor!””

Piku Movie Review: ‘Motion Se Hi Emotion’ an Honest Tagline for an Honest Film

Imagine you are on a date with someone, perhaps this is your first date with him/her and unfortunately you go on to discuss things related to excretion and bowel movements due to some unavoidable reason right in front of the person. How do you think the date would work out? In Shoojit Sircar’s Piku there’s a scene when Piku (Deepika Padukone) meets a guy (Akshay Oberoi) on a date and later leaves the place frustrated along with her friend and business partner, Syed Afroze (Jisshu Sengupta). Piku confides in Syed that she didn’t like the guy whom she met for dinner and states reasons like he doesn’t watch Satyajit Ray films 🙂 etc to support her decision, while Syed only asks her one question-did she talk to her dad while her date was on? You will need to watch the film to understand why such a simple scene like this clearly conveys the crux of the tale so wonderfully.Continue reading “Piku Movie Review: ‘Motion Se Hi Emotion’ an Honest Tagline for an Honest Film”

Piku: A Quick Review

Piku PosterJust like the name is an esoteric movie. You can narrate its story in a moment as it doesn’t have a ‘definitive storyline’. Yet its story is the daily life of its characters- Dee’piku’, her constipated father -Bhaskor Banerjee (played by  Big B) and the taxi owner Rana Chowdhury effortlessly enacted by Irrfan Khan.Continue reading “Piku: A Quick Review”

Madras Cafe: A plot happens over Coffee…

Madras CafeSome Melancholy Memories

Well I am not exactly sure where to begin. It can be considered to be a minor success in itself on part of the filmmaker to get people confused. Anyways my confusion is partly because of the film and partly because of my personal memories associated with the events that it explores. In fact those are one of the most difficult memories from my childhood.Continue reading “Madras Cafe: A plot happens over Coffee…”

Madras Cafe Movie Review: A film not to be missed, for anything, by anyone

Madras CafeIn the last scene of Madras Cafe, this week’s anticipated release, the lead character of the film recites a famous Rabindranath Tagore couplet that talks about a free nation. Save for this dramatic outburst, Shoojit Sircar’s fictionalized dramatization on the backdrop of real-life events in Madras Cafe, sticks to its guns and does not play to the gallery.Continue reading “Madras Cafe Movie Review: A film not to be missed, for anything, by anyone”

In Conversation with Producer Ronnie Lahiri: "Madras Cafe would be an experience the Indian audience has never had before"

In a candid interview to MadAboutMoviez, producer of Madras Cafe, Mr. Ronnie Lahiri, shared with us his experience of making the film and told us why it would be different from run-of-the mill stuff movies.

What is Madras Cafe all about?

Madras Cafe is an espionage political thriller with settings and backdrop in Sri Lanka. ‘Madras Cafe’- the place- plays a central character in the film and the whole plot revolves around it. Hence the title.

Given its massive scale, how did you manage to keep the film tight-budgeted?

Well with good planning one can control the costs. We have been in the advertising business for 15-16 years. So we did maximum possible optimization of resources. We did not spend on frills. Only on what could be seen. With our Production Designer and VFX Team we had visualized how exactly the film would be and spent on what was required for the film rather than food and luxury.Continue reading “In Conversation with Producer Ronnie Lahiri: "Madras Cafe would be an experience the Indian audience has never had before"”

The 100 Crore Fatigue!

Chandan Cinema-Juhu playing Aatma and Rangrezz during Himmatwala's release week !!!

Post the release of Himmatwala, a film which I voraciously wrote about here, a welcome speculation has been born. On the Wednesday of its first week, many cinephiles shared a picture of the largely famous Chandan Cinema in Juhu, Mumbai where it showed that the theater was running 3 shows of Aatma and 2 shows of Rangrezz, both released a week earlier to Himmatwala.Continue reading “The 100 Crore Fatigue!”

60th National Film Awards (2013): List of Winners

So the 60th National Film Awards for Indian Cinema of 2012 has just been announced a short while ago. The feature film jury is headed by Basu Chatterjee while Aruna Raje heads the non-feature film. The awards will be distributed on 3rd May, 2013. Given below is the list of winners –Continue reading “60th National Film Awards (2013): List of Winners”

Finding The Real Mass Medium

This week, when every producer in the movie business was consumed in charting out innovative marketing strategies for their upcoming films and what not, Balaji Films led by Ekta Kapoor introduced a concept that could well be the next level of movie marketing.Continue reading “Finding The Real Mass Medium”