Best 5-Modern TV Series

Television amazes me with everything that comes out and just leaves me gasping as too why movies can’t be this good. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that some of the most creative writing, mind-blowing direction, performances and refreshing & completely honest to the story cinematography that we can see comes from television. Without any further blabbing these are some of my favorite Crime/Drama modern TV shows that I have been obsessed with the loads that I have seen and some which does not make it cos haven’t done watching with them. This is my list and these are my favorites and I don’t mean to be insulting towards what you like so don’t go all gangsta troll on me by shoving down your opinion not being in the list. However, I would love to know your favorites. Will try and keep the spoilers to the minimum. So with much further ado here we go:

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Win DVD’S of 2013’s Best Horror Film: The Conjuring

MAM Banner Conjuring ResizedMad About Moviez (MAM) and Home Entertainment Services by Sony DADC bring to you The Conjuring contest, wherein you can a win DVD of The Conjuring.Here are the details of the contest-

The Conjuring (2013) DVD Review

James WanLet me confess, I do not have a problem watching movies like Hostel or The Saw which are  full of gore and blood. On the other hand I always get scared easily by horror films even if they are badly made. In recent times one horror film which bored me and did not even scare me even once was the overrated Paranormal Activity.

The Conjuring has been in news since earlier this year when it was given a certified R rating, and I thought gore and blood would be the reason. The film did extremely well when it opened in USA in the middle  of summer 2013 and it is one of those few recent Hollywood films which has done well in India despite not being dubbed in any Indian languages. (Though later on owing to the huge success of the film with just the English version alone, a Tamil dubbed version also got released subsequently).Continue reading “The Conjuring (2013) DVD Review”

The Conjuring: Trailer

James Wan is popular as the director of films like Saw (he also produced Saw 2 and Saw 3) and Insidious and has made a name for himself in the horror/supernatural space. He now returns with The Conjuring which was earlier also known as The Warren Files.Continue reading “The Conjuring: Trailer”