The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2016

2016 was an interesting year for Tamil Cinema with a variety of topics being explored. Some big films didn’t do well, while some small films made impact. Certain stars did well,while some of them didn’t really do well. Here are the films in my opinion which stood a little apart from the rest of the pack and made an impact this year.The movies aren’t sorted in any order of merit. Sorting is done based on release dates.

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Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings Movie Review: The Boys are back with their Swag Intact

Haven’t you heard of men who during their college days and perhaps even much later led a wild, carefree life, only to give it all up and sober down post their wedding? Needless to say that not all of them change by choice, some do it due to fear, some due to necessity and some simply because they just do not have any choice. In fact the lives of these men pre and post wedding can be seen in total contrast of each other. Oh! Don’t worry this is not an article to talk of why not to get married, or to discuss the ill effects of doing so. After all one cannot generalize things on the basis of some case studies. This is indeed a film review but then it’s a take on a film which set me thinking on these lines, even making me think of people I know who have gone through or are going through such a phase.Continue reading “Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings Movie Review: The Boys are back with their Swag Intact”

Massu Engira Masilamani (Masss) Movie Review: A Venkat Prabhu Sixer?Not at all

The Tamil film industry is having interesting  times, on one hand we have new filmmakers pushing the envelope and on the other we have stars doing the routine stuff. Even in their prime Rajni and Kamal tried to do some films which pushed the envelope, but to expect that from current troika of superstars Vijay,Ajith & Suriya would be far fetched. The problem in Tamil Industry is that everyone wants to be a Superstar, but that chair has already been taken. Having an intro song and punch dialogues does not make anyone a SUPERSTAR.Continue reading “Massu Engira Masilamani (Masss) Movie Review: A Venkat Prabhu Sixer?Not at all”

Massu Engira Masilamani (Masss) Movie Review: Some Solid Masala; But Where is Vintage Venkat?

You wouldn’t go to a film tagged as a Venkat Prabhu sixer, expecting to witness a poignant, timeless classic right?  You would go to be entertained; enjoy the charisma of his bad-ass protagonists, smile or frown sheepishly at the stream of spot-improvised gags, applaud a moment of unexpected boldness, give in wantonly to some quality deception and probably come out, cheery and spirited. Well, so did I, on the surface! But I have to admit that somewhere deep inside, I was battling deeper emotions. Back in 2007, when a young ‘David” audaciously challenged the Tamil cinema box office ‘Goliath’ with a beauty of a irreverent film that rode on the spontaneity of a bunch of non-celebrity newcomers and a street game, he quite unknowingly inspired a whole bunch of struggling filmmakers who were trying in vain to make content count over stardom. Suddenly, a savior seemed to have emerged

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Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty

Biriyani PosterVenkat Prabhu made a smooth transition from acting to filmmaking with Chennai 600028 which till date remains his best film, not just for me but for a whole lot of others following his career. Connecting cricket and cinema, two things that appeal the most to Indians, the film was peppered with a lot of humour and was as realistic as it could get. The film also enabled a whole lot of younger actors to emerge into the forefront. While his next two films Saroja and Goa couldn’t repeat the same magic of Chennai 600028, nevertheless they were still fun films by and large. Continue reading “Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty”

Biriyani: Trailer

Biriyani_(film)_posterVenkat Prabhu is a Tamil filmmaker who has been able to keep his films light and frothy and yet look a little different from each other. He has also been noticed for introducing and encouraging new talent in his films. After establishing himself with Chennai-600028, Saroja and Goa and working with people in his comfort zone he moved to the big league with Mankatha (2011), where he worked with a big star like Ajith for the first time. Continue reading “Biriyani: Trailer”

Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say

Being Ajith’s 50th movie Mankatha has been in the news right from the day it was announced. For one, Venkat Prabhu had come into the picture after Gautham Menon moved out of the venture. Continue reading “Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say”