Kadhalan (1994): The Beginning of Shankar’ Extravaganza

The second film of every director is special, considering it is a make or break situation for most of them. Kadhalan came right after Gentleman made a splash at the box office counters of Tamil Nadu & the rest of South India. The film was remade in Telugu with megastar Chiranjeevi donning the lead role. The soundtrack of Gentleman was super popular and thus everyone was looking forward to seeing what the director will make after this solid debut. This was before Brahmandam (grandeur) and Shankar became synonymous. Continue reading “Kadhalan (1994): The Beginning of Shankar’ Extravaganza”

Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!

Tenaliraman_2014How do you outwit a pack of scheming thieves determined to rob you, into digging a god-damned thirty feet well in your backyard?

How do you squeeze an elephant into a mud pot?

How do you nonchalantly determine the mother-tongue of your jealous competitor?

How do you convincingly answer the tricky question, “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?”

How do you keep foiling your enemy’s ploys and persecution, with a smile?

How do you justify the adage, “Everything happens for good”, time and again?

How do you react to a death penalty against you, keep your calm and come out clean?

How do you make an intelligent mockery of stupid superstitions, making people believe in rationality and good-will?

How do you hit back against the tyranny of the evil and the greedy using your brains, rather than brawn?

That’s Tenali for you. And whats more?Continue reading “Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!”