The Rajiv Rai Trilogy

Recently I’ve come across many trilogies by great directors, like the Color trilogy, death trilogy, some zombie trilogy, some vampire trilogy and there are many more which I’m unaware of. When we look for trilogies coming from India, the first one that comes to mind is the Apu trilogy. I am sure Shyam Benegal also has a trilogy, but to be honest I’ve seen very few of his 70-80’s era movies.

But I grew up with the Rajiv Rai trilogy. Hahaha. Sounds like a big joke, right? Believe me, it isn’t. I very strongly believe Rajiv Rai completed a trilogy with Mohra. Please don’t laugh. I confess. I am a tru-blu fan of Mr. Rajiv Rai.Continue reading “The Rajiv Rai Trilogy”

Rajiv Rai : Master of the ‘Masala Movie’ genre

As a kid, a friend of my dad had gifted me an audio cassette of Tridev. Those days the audio cassettes would come in a special edition which had an entire film in the audio format as it would be in its theatrical version. And the cover used to bear the name “Full Songs With Dialogues.”

I was only 5 years old when I first heard the songs and dialogues of Tridev but from a very early time this movie has had a special place in my heart. And later on thanks to Tridev, also came to know of the whiz kid director, Mr Rajiv Rai.Continue reading “Rajiv Rai : Master of the ‘Masala Movie’ genre”