Kick Movie Review: A GPL for its Viewers

Director: Sajid Nadiadwala
Rating: *

Now that I think about it, this is the perfect movie for Sajid Nadiadwala to make his directorial debut. What does a Bhai’s movie need anyways? Nothing except Bhai himself. The rest can be on auto pilot and his fans still won’t notice. The entertainment quotient of Bhai’s Eid releases has consistently fallen after the highs achieved by Wanted and has now comfortably settled down between I-can’t-believe-I-paid-for-this and I-paid-for-this-so-I-have-to-enjoy-this. Yet, the box office collections do not ebb. (Jai Ho was a badly publicized aberration) By the time you read this, the film will have already recovered its cost and before negative word of mouth spreads around, you will be hearing how after a 100 crore milestone, it’s set to conquer the 200 crore peak. Still reviewers like me labour on with hope that collective public opinion will change one day and good films will trounce bad films in the end.Continue reading “Kick Movie Review: A GPL for its Viewers”

Kick: Cheeky enough to make it work

As someone who has been tracking and following Telugu Cinema for a long time now, its certainly disappointing to see the kind of films getting dished out from there these days. This is all the more appalling considering that even a few years ago there were a few good movies coming out every year. My definition of a good Telugu movie meant either a really interesting film which was unique & with a heart or even a good mainstream film which was meant to entertain us and did that perfectly without affecting our sensibilities. Continue reading “Kick: Cheeky enough to make it work”