11 Films You Must Watch Before Tuning In to the Oscars

Summer is over, and you know what that means in Hollywood – time to dust off those statuettes and start lobbying. Film festival season is about to kick off in earnest, with Venice, Toronto and New York all taking place back-to-back over the next month, which means that we’ll soon have a clear(ish) picture of the 2016 Oscar race. Specifically, we’ll have a sense of which would-be frontrunners are shaping up to be this year’s Birdman and Whiplash, and which look more like this year’s Unbroken and Big Eyes. Let us take a look at all the contenders of 2016’s best film.Continue reading “11 Films You Must Watch Before Tuning In to the Oscars”

The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion

I have always had the highest regard for people who not only have a major passion in their lives but also go on to work on the same and convert it into reality. As it is a good majority of the people Worldwide do not really have a strong passion towards anything, and even among the very few who are really passionate about something it’s quite rare to see people actually trying to do something about it. At the same time it irks me at times to see some people who are truly blessed in having the right kind of atmosphere, support mechanism and everything else needed to just take that one step in making the plunge, the plunge to do something about their passion but who just don’t do it for various reasons. Philippe Petit is not someone like that though; he is someone who dared to dream, and dream beyond the ordinary. But that alone does not make him great, what makes him great is that he converted his dreams into reality.Continue reading “The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion”