The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: A Tale of Art, World History and Persevering Men

The Monuments Men PosterMankind has always witnessed wars from time immemorial, bringing with it destruction and calamities with varying proportions. The two World Wars in particular over the last century brought about alignments and re-alignments among Nations as they fought for pride and a host of various other reasons. The Second World War (1939-45) affected almost all the Countries directly or indirectly and this was a period which saw not just devastation but also one man’s greed almost endangering the lives of millions of people. While Adolf Hitler’s plans of conquering the World are known to one and all, what’s not that commonly known is the fact that the Nazis under Hitler were also going about plundering art work and monuments across Europe, supposedly to be concentrated in a huge museum in Germany once the war ended. Despite the Nazis ending up on the losing side of the war, they would have succeeded largely in their attempt to plunder and/or destroy art, if not for a bunch of spirited men from the Allied Armies who went on to constitute the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Program (MFAA), also known as Monuments Men.Continue reading “The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: A Tale of Art, World History and Persevering Men”

The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: Bring Back Soderbergh!

Language : English | Running Time : 118 Minutes | Director : George Clooney

What is this art they are salvaging and where is the urgency of the task at hand are two questions that pop up prominently as you watch George Clooney‘s The Monuments Men. These are two questions among many. Some of the other questions that pop up during the movie are : How far are we with the twitition to convince Steven Soderbergh to make films again? Is “Highway” one of the most beautiful Indian films to have come out in the last year? Why is the popcorn too salty? Did I lock the door to my house? The Monuments Men throws up these questions because of the rabble that it is. It is surprising that this is a movie from the same director who directed the sensational “Good Night and Good Luck”

The Monuments Men is a movie based on the true story about people who were enlisted in the salvaging of art during the Second World War. In the movie, it is a team of men from different walks of life assembled  together and led by Frank Stokes(George Clooney). The team reminds you of Danny Ocean’s Eleven or Twelve or Thirteen from the Ocean’s trilogy because of the actors it employs and also because of George Clooney leading the team.Continue reading “The Monuments Men (2014) Movie Review: Bring Back Soderbergh!”

10 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies Of 2014

Most Anticipated Movies Of 2014

Without wasting further time, let me write about the most anticipated movies of the year 2014.

22_jump_street_movie_poster_1Kindly note that this list is purely compiled on the basis of my personal choices and preferences.

10. 22 Jump Street : Co-Written by the multi-talented actor/writer Jonah ”Superbad, MoneyBall” Hill  he teams up once again with Channing ”G.I Joe”Tatum in 22 Jump Street. 22 Jump Street is a story of 2 undercover cops who are so good at being incapable that in the 1st film they had to let go of a criminal because they couldn’t read him his rights. The film which is directed by  Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs) is a sequel to the hilarious 21 Jump Street. This time they are going undercover in a local college, so expect some more funny one liners and insane gags.

9. A Million Ways to Die in the West : Written & directed by an absolute mental Seth”Family Guy, Ted” MacFarlene, this film promises to push the limits of  comedy which range from  gross to the most creative gags. See the fight scene between Mark Wahlberg and Ted in the movie Ted to know what am talking about. A Million Ways To Die In The West tells the  story of a cowardly farmer who seeks the help of a gunslinger’s wife to win back the woman who left him. It sounds serious but trust me it’s going to be madness and knowing Seth’s work it maybe something out of the box.Continue reading “10 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies Of 2014”