Bheeshma Parvam (2022) Malayalam Movie Review: When The Mahabharata Meets Godfather

The Godfather as a movie has been inspiring filmmakers across the globe even today. In India there have been many variations of Godfather which have been made right from Feroz Khan’s stylish Dharmatma, to Mani Ratnam’s gritty Nayagan, to Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar. 

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Thalaivaa Movie Review: From Times too old

Thalaivaa Movie ReviewLanguage : Tamil | Running Time : 183 Minutes | Director : A.L Vijay

The last time I went to watch a Vijay movie in the theater was Thuppaki, which was a film I liked. The one I watched before that was Ghilli. The rest I’ve had the good sense and good fortune to avoid watching in the theater. “Ilaya Thalapathy” Vijay is back in action with Thalaivaa. After a successful and not the usual fans movie in Thuppaki, Vijay has come back with Thaliavaa and directing him this time is A.L Vijay.

As I finished watching the trailer of the movie when it first came out, the only thing I didn’t want it to be was to try to follow The Godfather when it came to making Vijay’s character and my worst fears where confirmed as the movie settled down after a prelude that starts off as an interesting one that sets the beaten path of ages old. When an old helpful Mafiosi dies, his people are targeted and there’s a rise of a new godfather. Circumstances make sure that his son has to leave him and live abroad, brought up by a man who decides to leave the underworld behind. A prelude that started off well but the way it sets up things for the rest of the film, it is obvious that the movie is going to look like a rip off of  better made crime films and in one scene, even an idea that was most recently used in Ameerin Aadhi Bhagwan. Continue reading “Thalaivaa Movie Review: From Times too old”

Goodbye, Mr Ebert

A movie is not about what it’s about; it’s about how it’s about it.

As you’ve probably heard, the sweetest old man of American film criticism died yesterday, at the age of seventy-one, due to the jaw cancer he’s had for years, and inspired a great horde of affecting memorials (particularly good are those by Jim Emerson and Andrew O’Hehir).

(In good news, he got to watch the latest Terrence Malick film last week; and in good news for us, he’s written about it.)

To illustrate what sort of a person he was, let us go back to December 2009. Roger Ebert got a mail about a reviewer called Dan Schneider; Schneider had some pretty dismissive things to say about Ebert, mainly based around the assertion that he was a great writer but not much of a critic. Ebert put up the whole letter he’d got, all the pieces in which Schneider had mentioned him, and a short answer on his blog, and asked his commentariat to judge. What Roger said:Continue reading “Goodbye, Mr Ebert”

Sunday Watch-Episode 7-Francis Ford Coppola on Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola with Marlon Brando while filming The Godfather

And we are back with the Sunday Watch series, after a break. The Godfather is a film which has influenced many film makers across Nations. We had Mani Ratnam doing his adaptation of The Godfather in his own style in Nayagan,RGV paid his tribute to this film by making Sarkar. No other modern film after Citizen Kane has influenced film makers and captured the audience mind in recent times the way The Godfather has managed to do.Continue reading “Sunday Watch-Episode 7-Francis Ford Coppola on Godfather”

Epic Film

Once upon a time

When Lumieres invented

A device which could record what

Mind could see

After the birth of recorded minds,

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