In Conversation with Priya Bathija: “I am a greedy actor”

Debutant Priya Bathija talks to MAM on cinema about her debut Chor Chor Super Chor and the world of television.

 Your first film Chor Chor Super Chor is up for release, congratulations. Butterflies? Scared? Nervous?

(laughs) Butterflies yes…definitely yes. Am very excited, as each day gets closer to THE Friday; but I am not scared at all.I  Am confident of what we have made, of my work, of the film and its strengths. It is a pacy quirky ride that I am sure the audiences would love.

How was your experience?

Absolutely amazing. Every project I have worked on till date has been a learning experience for me. This has been no different. Most of the actors in the film are new comers, strongly rooted in theatre. It was a complete team work effort on everybody’s part.

Deepak is an experienced nuanced actor. How was the experience starting out opposite him?

I have known Deepak for close to four years now. He is an amazing co-star, helpful and totally dedicated to the role. I have learnt a lot observing him. I not just play his love interest in the movie, but also a vital part of the puzzle in the story. So there were more opportunities to learn and share while on the sets as well.Continue reading “In Conversation with Priya Bathija: “I am a greedy actor””