Films are all the same: Long or Short

The anxiety on the eve of your feature film’s release is pretty similar to giving birth to a child! In fact a little more I would say because if the child is mischievous or has any problem, you have a lot of time for course correction but with a film it’s pretty much become like a do-or-die over the opening weekend. Gone are the days when you would release a film and in case it didn’t do well on the Friday-Saturday, you could give it some time and expect it picks up by word of mouth. In fact Bollywood folklore has it that India’s most famous film ‘Sholay’ was a disaster when it released and was on the verge of being pulled out of theatres but subsequent word of mouth and the support of theatre exhibitors gave it that extra rope for a few more days. The rest as they say is history! Even the legendary Meena Kumari starrer ‘Pakeezah’ was a flop when it initially released but her untimely death and a sudden sympathy wave resurrected it in its 10th week to make it the iconic hit that it became.Continue reading “Films are all the same: Long or Short”