Chi Va Chi Sau Ka: Trailer

Paresh Mokashi is a name that Marathi audience is familiar with thanks to his films Harishchandrachi Factory and Elizabeth Ekadashi. He is now back with his latest film, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka. Appearing to be quite in contrast with his work in the past, the film is produced by Nikhil Sane and is written by Paresh Mokashi and Madhugandha Kulkarni. The music is by Narendra Bhide while Sudhir Palsane is the DOP and Abhijeet Deshpande is the editor. While Lalit Prabhakar and Mrinmayee Godbole play the leads, the rest of the cast includes Supriya Pathak, Jyoti Subhash, Sharmishtha Raut, Pournima & Bharat Ganeshpure among others.Continue reading “Chi Va Chi Sau Ka: Trailer”

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Review: Kapil Sharma Makes a Safe and Somewhat Impressive Debut

Whether you laugh at his jokes or not, or whether you acknowledge his meteoric rise through the ranks or not, the fact is that TV’s funnyman Kapil Sharma has gone on to become one of the most followed/admired entertainers in the last 2 years or so. Therefore, when the man who gave us the iconic “Babaji Ka Thullu” goes on to make his Bollywood debut, you are both skeptical and excited. Is it prudent of Kapil to keep his kingship of TV aside and try to make it big in the big, bad Bollywood? Does Bollywood of today have space for a comedian-hero or did that craft die as soon as Govinda started to age?Continue reading “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Review: Kapil Sharma Makes a Safe and Somewhat Impressive Debut”

Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective

Bobby Jasoos PosterBilqis AKA Bobby is arguably the fiercest and most feisty heroine we have had in Hindi cinema in recent times. Yet, Bobby Jasoos, the filmy world she lives in, is so devoid of water tight logic that it never works as a whodunit that it is meant to be.

Bobby is the eldest daughter in a Muslim family living in Mughalpura, Hyderabad. Her father despises her Jasoosi antics while rest of the charcters loathe it yet use her services nonetheless. Bobby’s sleuth career it self is no great shakes with her only big client being Tassawur, a TV journalist with aspirations to rise above “mohalla” life of his who gets Bobby to ward off prospective brides his father looks for him. In comes Kiran Kumar, or Khan Sahab, a mysterious man with butt loads of cash looking for three people. Bobby sets out on finding them but discovers something is not exactly right about the deal. What is wrong with it and how Bobby sets the wrong right is the rest of the story.Continue reading “Bobby Jasoos Movie Review: Too Less of a Detective”

Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!

Like most other years, 2013 too has been an eventful year for the Hindi film industry. And unlike other years, 2013 was also the 100th year for the Hindi film industry. However, the centenary wasn’t really a landmark in terms of quality; we didn’t have a watershed of extraordinary films. Yes, we had a few brilliant pieces of cinema but we also had a truckload of terrible movies. What has been most encouraging in this entire melee is the gradual acceptance and support rendered to smaller films. While we had Kiran Rao helping a “Ship of Theseus” to get a release, we had a Karan Johar taking “The Lunchbox” out to the masses. In this post, I enumerate my (completely) personal list of favourite films of 2013 and their different aspects. These are my nominations for the best of Bollywood in the year 2013. While I have considered six nominees for every category (most of which are non-technical), I have added one more as “Almost There”, whom / what I feel is good but not enough to be on the list. Would love to get your vote from the nominees or any additional candidate you feel like.Continue reading “Nominations For the Best of Bollywood 2013!”

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela : An Honest Film with a Remarkable Lead Pair

Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies are known for belonging to certain adjectives – big, beautiful, detailed and plagiarized. Yes, plagiarized,  at least for the last three ventures. The only difference is that this time he isnt playing games trying to hide his inspiration(s), instead he comes out way more comfortable and effective, having declared that Goliyon Ki Rasleela : RamLeela is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet. And its adapted in an unknown Bhansali town in Gujarat. Bingo! A premise that is like flesh to Bhansali’s skin. Continue reading “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela : An Honest Film with a Remarkable Lead Pair”

Ram Leela Movie Review: Kya Goli Khila Rahe Ho!

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Rating: **

I could simply say that this is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film and end the review here. After that, whatever you imagine the film to be is probably true. Starting with his second film, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, SLB has made a reputation for himself of making films that stand out as visual spectacles but have little substance otherwise. Ram Leela, or using its rather clunky full title Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram Leela is no different. After mangling Devdas beyond recognition, its Romeo and Juliet’s turn to suffer the SLB treatment.Continue reading “Ram Leela Movie Review: Kya Goli Khila Rahe Ho!”

Disappointing Films of 2012

As the year passes by, every film buff likes to look back on the films that gave him/her a sheer viewing pleasure and made for a memorable movie watching experience. And then, there are films which also cause nothing but sheer disappointment, heartbreak and anguish, mainly due to the expectations that were attached to these films.

In this post I look back at some of the films that I personally found to be disappointing this year. So in case if you find one of your favorite films to be in the list, kindly mujhe maaf karna 🙂Continue reading “Disappointing Films of 2012”

A Lengthy ode to Mausam

Friday being the day of a new release it was necessary to give a visit to the nearest cinema hall. So after a guidance from the Monk, yours truly and fellow zombie Ajay Nair embarked on a journey to watch the latest cinematic endeavour Mausam at Malhar Talkies(Thane). Since it was Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut, this film was highly anticipated.

On the outset this film looks like a simple and sweet love story between a couple who are time & again separated due to bomb blasts, communal riots, Mausam, locations, latitude & longitudinal differences .etc. Of course this is how the film will be interpreted by mere mortals.

But dig deep…very deep and you will see what has gone beyond the realms of a normal debut from a director who has touched on a lot of issues. He has given an ode to lot of films, actors and other things which acts as a world tour guide and activities that took place in India during last decade. Besides this it also delves deep into other areas such as infidelity, rewriting laws of physics & nature and of course giving a tribute to Indian Air Force in his impeccable style.Continue reading “A Lengthy ode to Mausam”